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Scottish Demcracy

Scottish Democracy.

10,000 English Troops in ScotlandThere is talk of striping National Identity within the Union.
If this is passed this bill we mean we will no longer be able to call ourselves Scottish Welsh Irish or English. We will have to call ourselves BRITISH!

Immigration into Scotland.
The refugees from War Torn Iraq are other trouble spots in the World who have been sent to Glasgow, have compalined about the poor conditions deprevation and poverty. Deprevation, poverty and poor conditions that 1000's of Citizens that dwell of Glasgow the Capital of Scotland. "Which should by right be Eurpore's third richest country" have been living in for year.

Maps of ScotlandTALK of deprivation, poor housing, unemployment, poverty, lack of self confidence, poor health, high drug/alcohol dependency, high crime rates, etc seen in Scotland, including in the East end of Glasgow, are symptomatic of one thing; Oppression!

It is not a matter of whether a Westminster political party leans to the left or to the right; it is a matter of;
To which country, the government of this political party belongs.

If a government belongs to any other country, other than our own, then that government will always rule us to that other country's own political and financial advantage. This will always mean to our disadvantage i.e. Oppression.

Surely, the obvious answer to this situation is for the people of Scotland to vote for the government of Scotland, not another country, to rule Scotland.

more articles the publshed on the Scottish Democracy soon...

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