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Scottish Wealth

Scotland has one of the wealthiest economies in the UK

Here is a set of Scottish Economy figures for the year 2006

In actual monetary figures, this will work out as (per person):[1]

England £7,121
Scotland £8,623
Wales £8,139
Northern Ireland £9,385

Yes the £200 billion pounds of Scottish oil revenue that has passed the Scottish people equates to us each forfeiting £1,300 per annum for the last 30 years and if we stay in the Union we will forfeit a minimum of a further £1.2 trillion.

Even if you live in Scotland and have unionist view's you must take the unionst challenge and read this Conservative commissioned McCrone's Report into Scotland's economy, which was classified top secret for 30 years .....

.... because of the extreme sensitivity of the subject

  • Scotland would have been the Europe's third wealthiest Nation
  • The Scots Pound could be worth more than the other British Currencies
  • A strong Scottish currency could attracted investors like Swiss Banks
  • Tax breaks to attract foreign business like the Irish Celtic Tiger
  • Scotland could afford to train its work force for real jobs and skills

Instead ...

  • 30% of Scot's live under the poverty line due to devalued living standards
  • Scotland is being used as a nuclear dustbin for not only our own waste
  • Scots have been told lies about our economy as this report proves
    Scotland's deficit (debt) has got bigger although oil revenue would have paid it off several hundred times over

5 million Scottish residents need to know the truth and you can help

Please use this site to make your fellow Scottish Resident aware that there is now undeniable proof that we have been lied to about the Scottish economy and that Scotland has an “embarrassing surplus of wealth” and at the very least a trillion pounds worth of oil and gas revenue remains, that we need to stop being diverted directly to London's Treasury. For if we do not act now to get out the union in 30 years time we will each have forfeited £240,000 which is £6666 per annum. These following items are being sold at cost plus postage, A small price to pay to ensure that another £200,000 that belongs to YOU does not end up in London’s Treasury.

The list of injustices inflicted on the Scotland is endless (see the evolving list)

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After they take all our oil - will we be kicked out the Union ?