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Stop Londoners from leaching our oil, gas and green energy.

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At www.oilofscotland.org we strongly believe that coordinated people power will overcome the Unionist media machine. A media machine that spins lies and smear campaigns to prevent Scot's realising the truth of their oil and green energy rich economy.  
A Scotland managed by Scot's opposed to leaching Londoners would have the future opportunities. The rebuilding our heavy manufacturing industries. The promotion and effective regulation of our tourism, IT, banking and telemarketing industries. Besides creating enough green energy to supply a quarter of Europe. 
If you can help spread this message together we can undo the injustices inflicted on Scotland. Read about the Scottish Press and Institutions that operate in Scotland.
The latest injustice being Westminster not allowing the first minister of Scotland to officially attend the Copenhagen summit, when the previous Labour first mininster Jack Mc Connell attended such meetings. Unless he was too busy to attend due to playing golf with Prince Andrew.  

Not persuaded ? - download and read the top secret McCrone report gavin mccrone
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You can also print these double sided leaflets on your desk jet printed which can be cut down and put through the letter boxes of know Labour voters.

Not convienced - download the Mc Crone Report  gavin mccrone

The purpose of this site is to help you understand and
e-mail awareness of;

McCrone ReportThe Top Secret McCrone gavin mccroneinto the "chronic surplus" of Scotland's economy

Scotland's Stolen SeaIn 1999 Westminster secretly made 6,000 MILES of SCOTLAND'S SEA - ENGLISH
by moving Scotland's marine boundaries from Berwick-up-on-Tweed to Carnoustie

devolved scottish govermentIn the 1979 devolution referendum 52% of voters said YES as did 43 to 19 Scottish MP's, The Labour Party undemocratically said NO!

How much is Scottish oil worthScottish Oil is worth £22,831 a minute, £32 million a day, £12 billion a year.
How much is Scottish oil worthThe European Union costs every UK Citizen £234 a year. The UK Union costs every Scottish resident £2300 a year.
Scotlands Oil RevenuesScotland gets NO Oil Revenues - Scotland is funded, only by some population taxes.
Scottish IndependenceScotland could build 2 High Schools or 16 wind turbines or 300 stream turbines or 256 two bedroom houseS with a single day's Scottish Oil revenue, if the Scot's did not give it ALL TO LONDON.

devolved scottish govermentAn Independent Scotland could be free of its £62.5 billion share of Gordon Brown's debt in less than 5 years. Alternatively have a look Gordon Brown's track record on this short video
devolved scottish govermentScotland like Norway could have built up a £259 Billion sovereign wealth fund, retained its manufacturing base and avoided Scotland's £62.5 billion share of the London Government UK's debt of £175 billion.

Scottish Indepedence Referendum

- Read the Scottish Governments white paper on Scottish Independence - more
Secret plans to deprive Independent Scotland of North Sea oil fields. - The Times

North Sea Oil LifespanNorth Sea Oil will last for another 100 years according to industry anaylists.
Scotttish oil factsOil is the UK's Largest Industry landing, 700,000 barrels of oil per day.

North Sea Oil LifespanA new oil and gas field in West Shetland is now to drilled for 176 million barrels.

The Union lost every Scottish resident £48,000 over the last 30 years.
Staying in the Union could cost every Scottish resident £234,000 each.
Scotland is given billions less than documented. 2005 GERs report 2006 GERs report.

Nuclear Plants in ScotlandLabour want to rebuild Scotland's nuclear plants when uranium is unlikely to last 30 years. Scotland no longer wants to be a nuclear dustbin for any Countries waste.
Nuclear Plants in ScotlandScotland could provide enough Green Energy to supply a quarter of Europe. Attracting
companies to relocate to Scotland in exchange for low cost energy. However Westminster is
unfairly charging Scotland for supplying green energy.
Nuclear Plants in ScotlandThe banks are now in a position where they could lend to 600 Scottish farmers / land owners money to provide small high stream hydro schemes, that would generate 54% of Scotland's power requirements.
Nuclear Plants in ScotlandWestminster wants to keep the American's sweet by renewing Trident, whilst Trident Submarines have now leaked untreated nuclear waste into the Loch 3 times at Faslane
Say NO to TridentScot's do not want to be forced to pay the £100 Billion bill for replacing Trident.

nuclear waste Scotland250,000 tonnes of low radioactive Olympic waste to be dumped in Falkirk

scotlands populationScotland dilutes it's vast oil wealth (UK's biggest industry) on a 12/1 ratio
scottish independenceGoverning a 5 million opposed to 60 million population would be easier
scottish politicsInternational politics suffers from the lack of a true and fair Scottish voice
scottish politicsIf all Scottish MP's voted against a "anti scottish act" they could be beaten 11/1

scottish labour partyVoting for the London controlled Scottish Labour Party is a vote against Scotland !