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In 2008 London took £12.9 billion from Scotland in oil and gas
revenues, this equates to every single Scot giving away £2300 a year.

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The purpose of this site is to help you understand and
e-mail awareness of;

McCrone ReportThe Top Secret McCrone gavin mccroneinto the "chronic surplus" of Scotland's economy.

Nuclear Plants in ScotlandScotland is in surplus again. The most recent Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (GERS) figures demonstrate that Scottish public finances ran current budget surplus in each of the four years to 2008- 09, totaling £3.5 Billion. In comparison the UK ran a budget deficit in each of those years totaling -£72.3 Billion. The Times Report

Balance on budget - £ billions

GERS (June 2010) Government Expenditure & Revenue Scotland 2008-2009 gavin mccrone

Nuclear Plants in ScotlandIn 2009 Scotland's exports rose by 13.8%. The UK's exports rose by a mere 0.05%.

How much is Scottish oil worthThe European Union costs every UK Citizen £234 a year. The UK Union costs every Scottish resident £2300 + a year. The UK Union costs Scotland £34.5 million a day Scottish Indepedence Referendum

Scotland's Stolen SeaSkint Scots Strike Oil - 25% of Scotland's Children some 522,000 live in persistant poverty Read more at the BBC, Barnados or Child Poverty in Scotland then vote to End the Union and stop London looting our Scotland's Embarrassing wealth

Scotland's Stolen SeaIn 1999 Labour and Liberal Democrats secretly made 6,000 MILES of SCOTLAND'S SEA - ENGLISH by moving Scotland's marine boundaries from Berwick-up-on-Tweed to Carnoustie.

This unjust act was secretly passed without the consent of the Scottish People. Now 15% of oil and gas revenues of the Scottish sector of the North Sea which was previously attributed to the Scottish economy, £2.2 Billion in 2008, is now being attributed to the English economy. This amount of money is more than the proposed public sector cuts per year as experts forecast that Westminster will after the Holyrood elections, cut the Scottish budget by £35 Billion over the next 15 years which equate to £2.16 Billion per year. Scotland will give London a minimum of £225 billion over the next 15 years in oil and gas revenues alone. Full story on these Scottish Public Services budget cuts. This will equate to you giving away another £48,000 in your name.

Sign our e-petiton to revoke the 1999 order that made 6,000 sq miles of Scottish sea and sea bed English. Alternatively support our facebook cause.

How much is Scottish oil worthIn 2008 Scottish Oil that was worth £22,831 a minute, £32 million a day, £12 billion a year. It is the £1.2 Trillion to come out of the known oil and gas fields of the North Sea that are stopping the UK debt being junked, just like the Greek debt.
Read about the latest Oil and Gas Discoveries near Scotland

Nuclear Plants in ScotlandWestminster wants to keep the American's sweet by spending £115 billion, when they cannot afford to renew Trident. Whilst the Trident submarines based a Faslane have now leaked untreated nuclear waste into the Gareloch over 40 times. If Faslane was a nuclear power plant it would have shut down by SEPA. Westminster also plan to close the submarine base at Plymouth and relocate all the nuclear submarines to Scotland?

devolved scottish govermentIn the 1979 devolution referendum 52% of voters said YES as did 43 to 19 Scottish MP's, The Labour Party said NO, by imposing an unheard of undemocratic 40% rule !

Nuclear Plants in ScotlandScotland is the World's leading producer of wind energy, this energy will bring in more revenue and development opportunities than oil and gas.

Scottish IndependenceScotland could build 2 High Schools or 16 wind turbines or 300 stream turbines or 256 two bedroom houses with a single day's Scottish Oil revenue, if the Scot's did not give it ALL TO LONDON.

Scotlands Oil RevenuesScotland gets NO Oil Revenues - Scotland is funded only by some population taxes.

devolved scottish govermentAn Independent Scotland could be free of its £62.5 billion share of Westminster debt in less than 5 years.

devolved scottish govermentScotland like Norway could have built up a £259 Billion sovereign wealth fund retained its manufacturing base and avoided Scotland's £62.5 billion share of the London Government UK's debt of £175 billion. Watch this video on Westminster's black hole.

Are you annoyed. would you like to do something about it, then;
join the snpPlease support and promote Scottish Independence,
join the SNP £1 a month.

Read the Scottish Governments white paper on Scottish Independence - more info on the referendum - a blue print for an Independent Scotland

LATEST NEWS PAGES on the stories behind Scottish and Unionist politics.
Secret plans to deprive Independent Scotland of North Sea oil fields. - The Times

North Sea Oil LifespanNorth Sea Oil will last for another 100 years according to industry analysts.
Scotttish oil factsOil is the UK's Largest Industry landing, 700,000 barrels of oil per day.
North Sea Oil LifespanA new oil and gas field in West Shetland is now to drilled for 176 million barrels.

Short changing Scotland at every opportunity
scottish economyThe Union lost every Scottish resident £48,000 over the last 30 years.
scottish economyStaying in the Union could cost every Scottish resident £234,000 each.
scottish independenceScotland is given billions less than documented. 2005 GERs report 2006 GERs report.

Nuclear Contaminated Scotland versus Scotland a Green Energy Power House

Nuclear Plants in ScotlandScotland could provide enough Green Energy to supply a quarter of Europe. This would attract companies to relocate to Scotland in exchange for low cost energy. However Westminster is unfairly charging Scotland for supplying green energy!
However no members of the SNP Scottish Government were officially allowed to attend the Copenhagen Summit by the biased Labour Party!
Nuclear Plants in ScotlandLabour want to rebuild Scotland's nuclear plants when uranium is unlikely to last 30 years.
Scotland nuclear wasteScotland no longer wants to be a nuclear dustbin for any Countries waste.
Nuclear Plants in ScotlandThe banks are now in a position where they could lend to 600 Scottish farmers / land owners money to provide small high stream hydro schemes, that would generate 54% of Scotland's power requirements.
Say NO to TridentScot's want the leaking nuclear submarines removed from the Clyde.
Say NO to TridentScot's do not want to be forced to pay the £100 Billion bill for replacing Trident.
nuclear waste Scotland250,000 tonnes of low radioactive London Olympic waste was dumped in Falkirk

Baised London Control Politics versus Scottish politics with a Worldwide voice.

Scottish Politics - Scotland currently has NO voice in International politics
scottish politicsInternational politics suffers from the lack of a true and fair Scottish voice
unfair scottish representation in WestminsterIn 2005 Westminster culled our 72 Scottish MP's to 59 while increasing English MP's from 529 to 533. Watch the Scottish Leaders TV debate and see the Biased BBC's Political Map of Scotland,
scotlands populationScotland dilutes it's vast oil wealth (UK's biggest industry) on a 12/1 ratio
scottish independenceGoverning a 5 million opposed to 60 million population would be easier
scottish politicsIf all Scottish MP's voted against a "anti Scottish act, like scrapping Holyrood" they could be beaten 11/1
scottish politicsRead the 4,000 Secret Scottish Government documents release on May 2010.

scottish labour partyVoting for the London controlled Scottish Labour Party is a vote against Scotland!

Don't agree - have a look Gordon Brown's track record on this short video

Don't agree, listen to this avi file of the secret meeting with Gordon Brown and the leader of the Liberals Democrats planning a plot against the SNP Government

Not persuaded ? - download and read the top secret Mc Crone report gavin mccrone

FACTS AND OPINIONS on the stories behind Scottish and Unionist politics.

Skint Scots Strike Oil - The only Nation in the World to strike oil and get poorer !

A report by accountancy firm Grant Thornton shows that if an Independent Scotland received only 82.5% of North Sea Oil and Gas revenues Scotland would have a budget surplus of £4.4 billion, with 95% of revenues this would increase to £6.2 billion. It is abundantly clear that Westminster’s financial black hole is being filled with Scotland’s black, black oil.

Please help get the truth of Scotland's rich economy that is in surplus, opposed to the UK economy which is in deficit, out to those who are fooled by the barrage of lies from the London parties - click here to comment
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Secretary of State for Scotland does not need to make budget cuts

Scottish Budget 2009

Scottish Budget Cuts 2009 Considering Mr Murphy's view that the Scottish Government should behave like a Scottish family and tighten its belts etc, we think that it should be said that;
No sane sensible Scottish family could substantiate giving all of their salary to their neighbour only to beg for the scraps from their table for sustenance!!!

Scottish budget to be cut by £0.5 Billion. While Scotland's North Sea Oil production is to be increased by 20% adding another £2.6 Billion onto revenues that London TAKE AWAY from Scotland, which was £13 Billion in 2007. This year the Scottish Budget of £33.3 Billion is calculated using the Barnet Formula which gives, back a proportion of "non oil & gas taxes" raised in Scotland. In a Independent Scotland the available money for a budget would be a minimum of £49.5 Billion, when Scottish Oil and Gas revenues are added. This figure is not including the massive revenues from Scottish renewable energy, the billions saved from ditching Trident and all the taxes raised in Scotland not just some of them. Scottish Labour Party S...p, should distance themselves from their London Labour Party Shepherds, before the Conservatives get in.

The real question is not ....can Scotland afford Independence ... but can England afford Scotland to be Independent ? read the Scots Independent Newspaper Scots Independent Newspaper

It is time to say goodbye to a devalued Prime Minister of a devalued London based Government who has got the UK into £750 Billion of debt and YES to Scottish Independence and be debt free in 5 years. The video below clearly illustrates this

The purpose of www.oilofscotland.org

The purpose of this web site is not essentially political. The main purpose is to publish the truth, the scandals, the lies and the deceit over Scotland's prospects .

"It is not a matter of whether a Westminster political party leans to the left or to the right; it is a matter of; to which country, the Government of this political party belongs.

If a Government belongs to any other country, other than it's own, then that Government will always rule that other country's for it's own political and financial advantage. This will always mean to our disadvantage i.e. Oppression.

The people of Scotland have to realise the true potential of our wealthy nation. Then decide if Scotland should govern itself and become politically Independent from "out of touch" "in debt" Westminster. After a referendum declaring Scotland's Independence, you could vote to elect a left or right wing Scottish Government."

This is a site produced by the Scottish People for the Scottish People to inform their fellow residents of the political injustices past and present inflicted on Scotland by Westminster and the London based political parties and institutions. translators

Read about the Scottish Press and Institutions that operate in Scotland. or the
Scottish Labour Party

In an Independent Scotland, Scots could be debt free in less than 5 years

It is time to say bye bye to a devalued Prime Minister of a devalued London Based Government ... as the video below clearly illustrates. UK Government debt has risen to £750 Billion. That equates to every new born child being £17,000 in debt.

European Parliament Elections - Click for Latest Results in Scotland
SNP led the election with 318,360 votes (29%) a 7.8% swing.

SNP - 318,360 votes (29%)
Labour - 228,731 votes (20.8%)
Tory - 185,283 votes (16.9%)
Lib Dem 126,749 votes (11.5%)

Swing to SNP - 7.4%
Turnout - 28%

UKIP are doing very well in this European Election with their simple message

"It costs the 60 million population of the UK £40 Million a Day to be in European Union".

If it was not for the controlled media in the UK the SNP could get a similar message out

"It costs the 5 million population of SCOTLAND £32 Million a Day to be in the UK Union - in oil and gas revenues alone"

It would cost an Independent Scotland £3.33 million a day to be in the European Union, based on population. This is less than a tenth of the money we generous Scot's give to London, lock stock and barrel. A sum of money which is in excess of £32 Million a day. It currently costs the entire United Kingdom £40 Million a day to be part of the European Union.

After Scotland became Independent there would be a Scottish General Election at this point there is high possibility of Scot's also being asked if the want to remain in the European Union.


Icelanders are not Terrorists
Iceland is now bankrupt because of reckless banking practices. Why then did the Labour Government suggest that UK Local Councils invest vast sums of public money "offshore" in Icelandic banks. Now Labour have inflicted the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act of 2001 law against the Icelanders.

Read the Mc Crone Report on Scotland's Oil Rich Economymccrone oil report

The full significance of North Sea oil was not immediately apparent, and it still remains in large measure disguised from the Scottish public by the DTI...

An extract from the Top Secret Mc Crone Report that Westminster does not want you to read.

Yes the £250 billion pounds of Scottish oil revenue that has passed the Scottish people by, equates to us each forfeiting £1,628 per annum for the last 30 years totaling £48,000 and if we stay in the Union the Scot's could forfeit another £1.2 trillion.

Even if you live in Scotland and have Unionist view's you should take the Unionist challenge and read this Conservative commissioned Mc Crone's Report into Scotland's economy, which was classified top secret for 30 years .....

.... because of the extreme sensitivity of the subject

mccrone oil reportextracts from the Mc Crone Report

  • Scotland would have been the Europe's third wealthiest Nation more info
  • The Scots Pound could be worth more than the other British Currencies more info
  • A strong Scottish currency could attracted investors like Swiss Banks
  • Tax breaks to attract foreign business like the Irish Celtic Tiger
  • Scotland could afford to train its work force with skills to get real jobs
  • Scotland would be transformed into a country with a substantial and chronic surplus more info

Instead ...

  • A Lot Scot's live under the poverty line due to devalued living standards
  • In 1999 Westminster secretly moved Scotland's Marine boundaries from Berwick-upon-Tweed to Carnoustie. Making 6,000 miles Scottish Sea English. Scottish Sea that contains Scottish oil and gas platforms according to the 1968 UN Recongised Boundaries. Why, so that should Scotland get Independence, England can fight hammer and tongs over this illegal border while running its own pipeline from the Scottish oil and gas platforms, sitting in English waters direct to Berwick-up-on-Tweed by passing Scotland's two oil refineries!
  • Scotland is being made a nuclear dustbin for other Countries waste
  • Scots have been told lies about our economy as this report proves
    Scotland's deficit (debt) has got bigger although oil revenue would have paid it off several hundred times over.
  • Westminster have manipulated the figures in their GERS report 2005 - 2006 give Scotland significantly less than it's citizens are entitled to.
  • Westminster loyal politicians have lied about the oil, badly managed Scotland and have behaved in a shocking manner.

5 million Scottish residents need to know the truth and you can help

Please use this site to make your fellow Scottish Resident aware that there is now undeniable proof that we have been lied to about the Scottish economy and that Scotland has an “embarrassing surplus of wealth” and at the very least a trillion pounds worth of oil and gas revenue remains, that we need to stop being diverted directly to London's Treasury. For if we do not act now to get out the union in 30 years time we will each have forfeited a minimum of £234,000 which is £7,800 per annum. see the figures

Please commit to distributing these leaflets in your Workplace, College, University or School and will supply these leaflets to you!

click leaflet for bigger image - Scotland_North_Sea_Oil_Rigs_Fields send us an email committing to distributing these leaflets in Colleges and Universities.Scottish_North_Sea_Oil_Rigs

Right Click and select Send Image .. and e-mail your friends. (you may have to click twice on light box images)

Click here to send us an email

View PDF files of this leaflet Side 1 Side 2

Click here to send your friends an e-mail that contains links to the Secrets and Scandals @ Rip of Scotland that are exposed on this web site.

And help make Scots realise the oil revenues that Scotland's North Sea Oil & Gas Rigs generate for Westminster's black hole would be better spend in Scotland.

Say YES to Scottish Independence

Maps of Scotland

The list of recent injustices inflicted on Scotland and it's people is endless (read our news page or read about a few of the many Scottish Injustices

North Sea Oil revenues would give Scotland a £4.4 billion surplus

In an Independent Scotland received only 82.5% of North Sea Oil and Gas revenues Scotland would have a budget surplus of £4.4 billion, with 95% of revenues this would increase to £6.2 billion. read more

New figures show the UK Treasury will take in an additional £4 billion in revenues this year due to rising oil and gas prices.

The figures, produced by the Scottish Government, show that instead of oil and gas contributing £9 billion to the UK Government this year it will now be closer to £14 billion.  The figure could be higher if price rises do not slow down. read more

In 2009 the Scottish Government were given a £33 Billion Pound Budget for Scotland. If Scotland was an Independent Nation that budget would be just over a third more as Scottish Oil and Gas Revenues would add another £12 - £14 Billion Pounds to that Budget.

If every Scottish MP voted against a policy, they could lose 11 - 1

The main problem with the Union is Scotland's representation in Westminster until 2005 there was 72 Scottish MP's until Labour re wrote Scotland's political map and reduced Scotland's representation by 13 to 59 MP's. There were a total of 529 MP's representing the English constituencies this has now risen to 533 English MP's.

Therefore if every Scottish MP was against an anti Scottish policy they would be beaten in a ratio of 9 to 1. If the 58 Northern Irish and Welsh MP's sided with English MP's the ratio of the defeat could be 11 to 1.

For this reason alone Political Independence should be a high priority for Scots, the Welsh and the Northern Irish, as the undemocratic powers in Westminster cannot be trusted. As this web site aims to prove.

Did Gordon Brown harm HBOS as it is Scotland's Bank.
Would an Independent Scotland have let her banks go vitually bankcrupt ?

If Scotland had become Independent shorty after the rigged 1979 devolution referendum as the Westminster imposed an unheard of undemocratic 40% rule !

52% of Scottish voters said YES to devolution. The Labour Party said NO. Then 43 Scottish MP's tried to repeal the decision leaving 19 abstaining, again the Labour Party undemocratically said No.

If Scotland had got this devolved Government over 30 years ago. Then the Scottish Government may have a bigger say in Scotland's second biggest economy contributor Banking.

Oil being the biggest economy contributor having generated £270 + billion for London to waste on botch ups, 3 Wars, 1 illegal War, Trident etc.

The Government of Scotland would have had the interest of protection its second biggest industry and may not have allowed its banks to be deregulated. They would also have not reason to sell the gold standard for a shockingly low amount of money. They may also have split investment and retail banking.

Please share this video http://tinyurl.com/34m8v9r

Why because "The of Country of Scotland would tend to be in chronic surplus to a quite an embarrassing degree and its currency would become the hardest in Europe"

Extract from the "Top Secret Mc Crone Report" that Westminster accidentally let get into the public domain. Read this report here.

The banking collapse

The problems caused by greed in the banking industry were predicted well before the recent credit crunch. The tax payer has been forced to bail out banks in Countries that the Government has not acted fast and effectively enough. As RBS and HBOS are the largest banks in the United Kingdom it is obvious that the lack of Governmental regulations within the banking industry would hit these banks hardest. As soon as HBOS shares dipped Gordon Brown announced a merger with Lloyds TSB making a super bank, a merger that breaks the merger regulations. The announcement of this possible merger caused shares in both banks to tumble as money markets do not want a monopoly in UK banking.

The question is, did Gordon Brown deliberately for political reasons announce a merger that would cripple HBOS, Scotland's only independent bank, to make it disappear so that Scot's may question Independence.

The fact remains that Westminster has announced, that if the merger does not go ahead the 13 Billion taxpayer bail out for HBOS will be withdrawn. They also ignored the Chinese offer. This proves the underhand Unionist politics of London. (12.9 Billion is only one year of Scotland's oil money) Read More

23 OCTOBER 2010 World Renowned Economist says: 'Scotland subsidising rest of UK and rubbished claims made by leading Scottish Labour politicians over banking collapse'

Professor Andrew Hughes HallettA leading Professor of Economics, Andrew Hughes Hallett, hassensationally confirmed that Scotland has been subsidising the UK treasury in London for years and that the Calman Commission recommendations are unworkable and potentially damaging.

Professor Hughes Hallett (pictured) also rubbished claims by leading Scottish Labour politicians that an independent Scotland could not have survived the banking crisis by explaining that much of the liabilities suffered by HBOS and RBS would have fallen on England.

Hughes Hallett, who is a Professor of Economics at George Mason University in Washington DC and St Andrews University was appearing on Radio Scotland’s ‘Newsweek’ show when he undermined much of what Unionist politicians and Scottish media commentators have been saying about Scotland for years. Full story and video of interview at Newsnet Scotland.


Is it time Scotland's MP's left Westminster and it's broken U.K.

Yes it is back to the 1970's or worse for the Labour Party.

However back in the 1970's Britain was saved by the Scot's discovering Scotland's North Sea Oil fields.

The true potential of this discovery was examined in a 1974 by a Conservative commissioned report into Scotland's Economy.

This report was kept Secret from the Scottish People for over 30 years by the Governments of Westminster and the Scottish Labour Party when Scotland got the devolved government.

A devolved Scottish Government that 52% of Scot voters had voted for in 1974 but Labour Undemocratically said NO.

40 Years later we hope the tiny population of Scotland (5 million) realise that the 12 Billion North Sea Oil revenues can save Scotland from economic melt down and the onslaught of the Cruel Conservatives.

When the Scots get their act together and YES to Independence in 2010. - Within 6 Months Scotland would have a general election where one could vote for their usual Party.

Did you know?, that you can help the Scottish public realise they must control their destiny for the good of Scotland and the World!

This Westminster Government does everything in its power to stop the positive progress the Scottish Government is making with their sensible environmental policies and the policies for the man in the street and not the Lords and super rich.


Mc Crone ReportKeeping a report into Scotland's Oil Rich Economy TOP SECRET for over 30 years, until accidentally made public.

Unfair electionsUn democratically saying NO when 52% of Scot's Voters said YES to a devolved Government back in 1979.

making scotlands sea englishMoving Scotland's Marine Borders from Berwick-upon-Tweed to Carnoustie in 1999. Illegally making 6000 miles of Scotland's water English! So now when you play golf at St Andrews and look way out to sea, you are looking at English Waters!!!

unfair scottish representation in WestminsterCulling 13 Scottish MP's in 2005 taking the number of Scottish MP's from 72 to 59 while increasing the number of English MP's from 529 to 533.

nuclear free scotlandThe Scottish Government having full control of its Green Energy production even on a local level and not be railed roaded by Westminster and their flawed nuclear power station plans as highlighted in the Calman report.

no nuclear waste in ScotlandNot having nuclear weapons and radioactive waste from London and foreign Countries dumped in Scotland.

rebuilding scotland's heavy industriesThe potential to be partners in the North Sea with Norway one of the most solvent Nations in Europe. Opening the door to rebuilding Scotland's heavy industries.

no ban on Scottish PoliticiansScottish politicians and through them the population having an effective say in European, World and Westminster Politics.

Please ask your friends to visit www.oilofscotland.org to view the disgraceful attitude of this Westminster administration and its deceit over Scotland’s oil.

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