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McCrone ReportTop Secret McCrone gavin mccroneinto the "chronic surplus" of Scotland's economy


6th May 2014 British Government’s collusion with foreign powers to undermine the Scottish Government. Link

15th March 2011 The SNP broadcast a party political broadcast for the people of Scotland.

We think the SNP political broadcast from the pub is very good
at getting fathers who voted Labour to realise that the SNP have actually made such good progress in Scotland it is hard to ignore, especially as in the last 30 years Labour have never struggled to do much that benefits Scotland. We know for a fact that this broadcast is changing voting habits.


5th April 2011
Scottish Labour Party publish their 2011 manifesto.

Scottish Labour Party Manifesto 2011

14th - 15th March 2011
Angus Brendan Mac Neil SNP MP to propose an ammendment to reverse the 1999 order to move Scotland's marine boundaries making Scots Sea, English. Angus Brendan MacNeil SNP MP (Na h-Eileanan an Iar) takes the fight over the ‎6000 sq miles of Scottish Sea lost in 1999 to the Commons on the 14th of 15th of March 2011. Angus has an ammendment to this undemocratic decision that was sanctioned by the Scottish Labour and Liberal Parties which will be taken tonight or tomorrow in Commons. Join the facebook cause.

13th March 2011
Let Scotland rise and be a Nation Again. SNP Spring Conference 2011. Watch the Videos.

Video 1 - Video 2 - Video 3

12th January 2011
Hugh Fish Fight begins. Half of all fish caught in the north sea are thrown back overboard dead..

Join the fish fight to stop 50% of all fish caught in the North Sea being wasted through anti environmental EU fishing laws.

Scottish fish stocks deleted by London allowing EU to control Scottish Waters. Please get yourself down to the local chippy and ask them to add Mackrel to the menu and stop this happening. > > > >

12th January 2010 Amazon invest in Scotland. First Minister Alex Salmond welcomed the Amazon decision to spend 80 million in upgrading its plants in Scotland with the assistance of 8.8. million from the Scottish Government. Proof that a Scottish Government with the purse strings can make Scotland and the British Isles a better place for all residents of the British Isles. STV Report

9th January 2010 Alex Salmond Welcomes Chinese Green Energy Deal. First Minister Alex Salmond today welcomed the conclusion of a $10 million licensing agreement between a Sino-Scots company and a Scotland based engineering firm on processing domestic waste into energy. Newnet Scotland

7th January 2010 Jack McConnell Laughing all the way to the Lords. The Motherwell and Wishaw MSP and former First Minister, who once described his constituency as a “pigsty”, will pocket the windfall along with a £38,500 a year pension in May this year and is now in line for a near £60,000 cash bonanza when he abandons Holyrood for the luxurious red leather benches of The Lords. Newsnet Scotland

7th January 2010 Labour MP Jailed for Expenses Fraud. Former Labour MP David Chaytor has been jailed for 18 months after admitting to three charges of expenses fraud. One wonders if he was not a disgraced MP who defrauded the taxpayer of £20,000 would he have been given a jail sentence of more than 18 months. Newsnet Scotland

3rd January 2010 Iain Gray urged to apologise in Montenegro 'ethnic cleansing' row. Ian Gray demonstrates Labour's stance on Scottish Independence with a desperate inaccurate list of reasons why Scottish Independence will not be allowed by his London based party. This mans comments should make more Scot's understand that a vote for the Scottish Labour or any other Scottish Unionist party is a vote for imperialism and ruthless Unionist values. STV news

The question is why are these blatent offensive lies still on a post on the Scottish Labour website?

30 November 2010 Scotland the Land of the 11:30 am - 11:30 pm Winter Sun.
Labour maintains its strong showing in the North (49%), but dropped in Scotland where it is now tied with the SNP. Click for a full independent PDF report.

Maps of ScotlandOnce again MP's in Westminster are going to vote THIS FRIDAY on an issue that will affect our health and well being without consulting the people who voted for them. Yes Berlin time will mean the sun would rise and set one hour later throughout the year. If you live in Glasgow during the winter it will not be light until 11:10 am.

Causing accidents in the morning and a workforce that is battling against their natural body clocks whist at night we will all be wide awake unless we all invest in black out blinds.

Click here for the story that Daily Mail published.

E-mail your MP now and complain - they vote on this on Friday the 3rd of December 2010 http://www.writetothem.com

24 November 2010 SNP save Scot's from the degrading Tartan Tax that they never intended to use as they refuse HMRC an open cheque book to build a London controlled Tartan Tax system.

Tartan Tax Computer SystemSNP Finance Secretary John Swinney MSP has been unjustly slated for not giving into HMRC demands for another £7.5 million on top of the £12 million paid by Labour and possibly even more as HMRC could not disclose the total cost of a Tartan tax computer system. A computer system the SNP did not intend using this degrading Tartan tax on Scot's in this current Parliament, unless HRMC would allow Scotland to reduce taxes.

How much will this Tartan tax system really cost.
More than the £50 million the CSA computer system cost. A failed system that has a running cost of 70p in every £1 that CSA collects.

The big problem with this London / American controlled computer system is the actual computer system is controlled by London and as the system will be American the data it collects could therefore possibly be accessed by America, like all the other UK computer systems.

We watched a BBC program years ago that showed a BBC reporter trying to get into the building that housed some of the American computer systems that Thatcher commissioned to run our tax, student loans, CSA and countless other systems that affect every aspect of our lives.

The BBC reported was escorted off the premises as if he has stepped into the American Embassy.

We have tried unsuccessfully to find a link to the program online if anyone find one please post it on our facebook profile. https://www.facebook.com/scotland.scottish.1

Click here to find out how 100,000 Scots could legally cost the biased BBC £14.5 Million this year in unpaid TV licence fees. As a protest to their biased broadcasting policies.

1 November 2010 SNP Finance Secretary John Swinney MSP has set out a budget which puts the priorities of the people of Scotland first.

This budget for Scotlan d has been made even harder by London cutting £1.2 billion from Scotland's block grant. As the Scottish economy is according to a World Renowned Economist is subsidising the UK. Before you vote at the Holyrood election check out the figures.

The Scottish Budget 2011

We feel John Swinney has done a pretty good job of softening this London packed punch to Scot's an Scotland. After all Scotland is the successful solvent part of the UK as these figures prove. Full Fiscal Autonomy = No Spending Cut

6th November 2010 SNP set to take Holyrood again this time by a majority.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is now the fourth most popular party in the United Kingdom for voters with four per cent.
Labour maintains its strong showing in the North (49%), but dropped in Scotland where it is now tied with the SNP. Click for a full independent PDF report.

Click to VOTE on Scotland's home rule.

5 November 2010 Scottish Labour and the 'smear gone wrong Share on facebook

Further to the Wendy Alexander Scandal of 2008 where an illegal donation of £950 for her Labour leadership battle was accepted from Jersey; it appears that a concerned member of the public has been victimised by a smear campaign by a Labour MP and aids after making a Freedom of Information request from the electoral commission.

Maps of Scotland
Shadow Secretary of State for Defence and former Secretary of State for Scotland, Scottish Labours Jim Murphy's is implicated; read the full story; Newsnet Scotland; Labour and the 'smear gone wrong' !

4 November 2010 Thanks to the London allowing the EU over fishing our territorial waters, Scotland's seas are rapidly becoming a graveyard devoid of fish. Claimed an independent panel.

The Future of Fisheries Management was set up by the Scottish government to look at ways of safeguarding fish stocks and fishing communities.

Scottish fish stocks deleted by London allowing EU to control Scottish Waters.It has recommended a more regional approach to managing stocks, rather than having catches dictated by Brussels.

The inquiry panel also called on industry leaders to get more involved.

Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment Richard Lochhead established the group last year to look into the future of fisheries management in Scotland.

Read the rest of this shocking story at the BBC - Scottish Fishermens Federation - (Recovered Version)

Here is a twitter tweet
Scottish fish stocks almost depleted as London allow EU to over fishing, claimed an independent panel. http://tinyurl.com/2dmzs7r

1 November 2010 Call for new probe of SNP activist Willie McRae's death.

Scotland's senior law officer has been asked to re-investigate the death of an SNP activist 25 years ago.

Solicitor and anti-nuclear campaigner Willie McRae was found badly injured in his crashed car on the A87 near Kintail in Wester Ross in April 1985.

Later, in hospital where he died, medical staff found a gunshot wound behind his right ear. Read this BBC report or find out more about Willie McRae

23 OCTOBER 2010 World Renowned Economist says: 'Scotland subsidising rest of UK'

Professor Andrew Hughes HallettA leading Professor of Economics, Andrew Hughes Hallett, hassensationally confirmed that Scotland has been subsidising the UK treasury in London for years and that the Calman Commission recommendations are unworkable and potentially damaging.

Professor Hughes Hallett (pictured) also rubbished claims by leading Scottish Labour politicians that an independent Scotland could not have survived the banking crisis by explaining that much of the liabilities suffered by HBOS and RBS would have fallen on England.

Hughes Hallett, who is a Professor of Economics at George Mason University in Washington DC and St Andrews University was appearing on Radio Scotland’s ‘Newsweek’ show when he undermined much of what Unionist politicians and Scottish media commentators have been saying about Scotland for years.

Norway is a smaller oil producer that Scotland with harsher North Sea conditions.

Norway 'petroleum fund' tops $500bn.
Norway's oil-fueled state pension fund has grown to a massive 3 trillion Norwegian kroner (£324bn; $513bn), the country's central bank has announced. Full story

20 OCTOBER 2010 Conservative Liberal pact, Slap Scotland with unsustainable spending cuts.

The first of the Conservatives Scottish spending cuts in conjunction with the 5,000 + jobs loses due to the RAF bases being closed will equate to 17,000 extra Scottish residents on the dole.

As it used to cost £61 Billion to support the UK's 5.2 million unemployed (£11,731 per head) the 12,000 public sector SNP forecast job losses will cost the taxpayer £1.4 billion per year.  Figures http://tinyurl.com/35xa8kb

These unemployment payouts, will cost more than the £1.3 billion Scottish spending cut for this year ?

As the new deal job seekers job program cost the government £75 million to get 400,000 off the dole this equates to £187,000 per job created.

This is an example of why unemployment and Government
back to work schemes do not work http://tinyurl.com/33skhsm.

sad thing is that the Scottish economy grew by £3.5 as the UK economy shrank by - £72.3 in the last 4 years. More information

The good thing is that at the coming Holyrood election you can stop these cuts by putting even a once in a lifetime cross in the SNP box. If you cannot bring yourself to do this, because of your left wing roots, please put it in the Scottish Socialists box. Alternatively think green energy and put it in the Scottish Green Party box as they are both pro independence parties.

Do not vote for the London based Labour, Liberal or Conservative Parties, unless you like watching desperation grip Scotland.

Please socially bookmark http://www.oilofscotland.org/scotlands_news.html Control + B

19 OCTOBER 2010 RAF Bases in Scotland to be closed / Scottish troop numbers to be culled.

The air craft carriers are 30% finished and it would cost them more to cancel them. Therefore in order to re coup some of the money on this
nonreversible carrier contract. The Conservatives will close the RAF bases in Scotland which at the moment is our front line of defence whilst these carriers are built.

is London Government also do not want to have the UK's strike force based in Scotland should Scotland become Independent. However they are willing to allow us bear the nuclear burden of the flawed Trident refit and leaking nuclear submarines on our lochs.

Cameron also intends culling our armed forces, and we can guarantee you that the majority of these number reductions will happen in Scottish regiments. So when Scotland gets her Independence we have less assets to claim as our own.

you look into the Lisbon Treaty you will realise that the UK is going to commit itself to a European Army and Central Intelligence Bureau. Do you think those Scottish soldiers who died in the first and second world wars to stop Fascism, would be pleased with the treasonable pledges that Tony Blair and others have made to Europe, but he did amend the treason laws before signing the Lisbon treaty.

Think of Scottish Independence as a divorce, Scotland has a lot of rights over British assets at least 1 in 12 of them based on population. If you take into consideration monetary contributions to the Union a much higher amount. We
need Independence NOW before it is to late as we may end up irreversibly bound to Europe and London, as the London Governments pledge Scotland's assets to Europe.

Scotland could re negotiate their inclusion in Europe
as we have little to lose in leaving Europe which costs each of us around £234 a year, but Europe has a lot to gain from Scotland's abundant natural resources. Why do you think Norway does not want to be included in the EU.

29 SEPTEMBER 2010 Offshore income ‘belongs to Scots’.

Ministers in Edinburgh are preparing to legislate to ensure much of the fortune earned by the Crown Estate from the multi-billion-pound offshore energy industry goes to local communities in Scotland.

The move by the Scottish Government comes after The Herald highlighted the possibility of the Crown Estate rights to the seabed being challenged by Holyrood, at a critical time when
licence's for renewable energy have massive financial potential.

Read this full article in the Herald

Sign our e-petiton to revoke the 1999 order that made 6,000 sq miles of Scottish sea and sea bed English. Alternatively support our facebook cause.

21 SEPTEMBER 2010 Cameron targets Scots as Aberdeen is selected to trial Tories' new incapacity benefit cuts.

Read the Mc Crone report think Thatcher then contemplate Cameron, he has less to lose than Thatcher did as only a few Scots voted Conservative this time. Your Country needs YOU to vote SNP at the Holyrood election and break up this Useless Kindless Union. see below

DAVID CAMERON was last night accused of using Scots as guinea pigs for his brutal benefit cuts - just like Margaret Thatcher did with the poll tax.

The Con-Dems confirmed they have chosen Aberdeen as their testing ground for plans to force hundreds of thousands of people off incapacity benefit. And furious Labour MP's last night claimed the Tories and their Lib Dem allies had learned nothing from Thatcher's decision to test the hated poll tax on Scotland in 1989.
Read the rest of this story in the Daily Record

30 AUGUST 2010 Second oil find sparks new wave of North Sea interest

A second North Sea oil discovery in just a week has sparked hopes of a revival for the industry in Scotland.

Another giant find is expected to be announced following a discovery at the Cladhan field, north east of Shetland, and is understood to hold between 100 million and 200 million barrels.

For both Encore Oil, a London-listed explorer and Wintershall, the oil arm of BASF, the German chemicals giant, it is the second big find of the summer.

It comes just days after it was revealed that Wintershall’s first discovery, estimated at 60 to 100 million barrels, was made at its Blakeney well, 150 miles east of Aberdeen.

The Cladhan find follows a string of coups that has triggered a new wave of international interest in the North Sea and could also spark takeover interest in Encore, the only London-listed explorer in the Cladhan prospect.

Read the rest of the story in the Herald


25 AUGUST 2010 Scotland's offshore wind sector could produce 28,000 jobs

Scotland's offshore wind industry could create 28,000 direct jobs and generate £7.1bn of investment over the next decade, according to a new report.

Scottish Renewable's said the sector provided Scotland with its greatest economic opportunity in a generation.

The study suggested a further 20,000 posts could be created indirectly.


10 JUNE 2010 GERS REPORT shows Scotland £1.3bn this year and £3.5bn in surplus over 4 years as UK economy racks up a £73.3bn deficit over the same period

The latest Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (GERS) report for 2008/09 not only fatally undermine the
scare mongering by the London parties about Scottish independence but also makes the case that Scotland should have financial responsibility – particularly with Tory cuts threatening Scottish growth.

They show that Scotland’s financial position in 2008/09 was a current budget surplus of £1.3 billion, or 0.9% of GDP, including a geographical share of North Sea revenues.  At the same time, the UK was in current budget deficit of £48.9 billion, or 3.4% of GDP, including 100% of North Sea revenues.

The cumulative value of Scotland’s current budget surplus over the four year period from 2005/06 to 2008/09 now stands at some £3.5 billion. Over this same period, the UK built up a deficit of £72.3 billion.

GERS (June 2010) Government Expenditure & Revenue Scotland 2008-2009 http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Resource/Doc/315852/0100452.pdf

Gers report 2008 / 2009G
ERS report 2008/09 show Scotland has made another £1.3bn last year
Gers report 2008 / 2009
Union costs Scotland £34.25m every day
Gers report 2008 / 2009Scottish Labour’s House of Cards

Balance on budget - £ billions

Scottish ExportsIn 2009 Scotland's exports rose by 13.8%. The UK's exports that rose by a mere 0.05% BBC story on Scotland's export success

10 JUNE 2010 Labour back Tories ahead of nation's health | SNP - Scottish National Party object.

The SNP tonight attacked Labour’s disgraceful decision to vote with the Tories against Scotland’s national interest and public health as they voted for a Conservative amendment in an attempt to block the introduction of essential measures to tackle Scotland’s problems with alcohol.

03 JUNE 2010 Labour losers take a unjust shot at SNP for not cutting NHS budgets

Labour unjustly attack SNP over
3,800 NHS jobs that NHS chiefs would rather not replace as staff leave the NHS, instead of cutting their big salaries or stopping the waste in the NHS

Despite a £500 million cut in the overall Scottish budget enforced by London, the overall Scottish health budget has increased by £264 million this year. This is what is forcing the NHS chiefs in Scotland to face up to the effect of tighter budgets as Scotland does not have full fiscal autonomy over its massive resources and revenues.

The SNP had nothing to do with Labour losers allowing Tory rule in Scotland aided and abetted by the Leeching Liberals. They also had very little to do with the dreadful state of the UK economy that London Parties have created, with their boom or bust policies in conjunction with their bad and often illegal decisions.
Read The Times Online

31 MAY 2010 What is this "musical ministers" The newely appointed Secretary of State for Scotland Danny Alexander has now become the new Chief Secretary to the Treasury to replace the disgraced David Laws. However Danny Alexander avoided paying capital gains tax when he sold his taxpayer-funded second home at a profit, as disclosed by the Daily Telegraph.

The claims appear to undermine repeated claims by Mr Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, that no Lib Dem MP profited from the expenses system.

In the first televised leaders’ debate, Mr Clegg said: “There are MP's who flipped one property to the next, buying property, paid by you, the taxpayer, and then they would do the properties up, paid for by you, and pocket the difference in personal profit.’’

How can any self respecting Scot trust any of the Unionist parties and the London rule that is imposed from a clearly corrupt Westminster.

As a Liberal Democrat has been appointed as the visible Secretary of State for Scotland a
s the only Scottish Conservative MP with a majority of only 4,194 MP David Mundell creates a new post for himself shadow Secretary of State for Scotland.
We wonder who is really calling the shots.

Liberal Democrat manifesto they used to win 11 seats in Scotland, clearly stated that they will "Abolish the UK Government office for the regions" http://www.scotlibdems.org.uk/files/credibleFinances.pdf go to listing 16 of saving proposals.

he leeching Liberals said abolishing these degrading offices would save the UK economy £90 million per annum. When are the Condems going to put this policy in place ???

28 MAY 2010
ConDem cabinet minister expense scandal revealed David Laws paid £40,000 of taxpayers money to his secret male lover. How many more have slipped the net?

27 MAY 2010
Calman tax flaw could cost Scotland £250m a year

scottish politics
Under the Calman Commission scheme for Holyrood, the proposed change in income tax thresholds could see Scottish revenues fall by as much as £250 million a year
Read the Times Online

20 MAY 2010
National Archives of Scotland opens a further 4,000 files

scottish politics
Read the 4,000 Secret Scottish Government documents release on May 2010.

20 MAY 2010 Skint Scots Strike Oil - 25% of Scotland's Children live in persistent poverty
Read the BBC, Barnados, Child Poverty in Scotland, Scottish Government, then vote to bring Scotland's massive North Sea wealth back from London.

scottish politics
Read the 4,000 Secret Scottish Government documents release on May 2010.

12 MAY 2010

As the people of Scotland never voted in sufficient numbers for the protectors of Scotland, The SNP.

... and "for Scot!@nd's sake" do not vote Labour / Lib Dems or Conservatives !

join the snpPlease support and promote Scottish Independence join the SNP £1 a month.

The problem is that this ConDem political alliance will be in-effective in arousing or stimulating the Scottish electorate who voted to overwhelmingly to stop Tory rule in Scotland.

As a Liberal Democrat Danny Alexander MP has been appointed as the Secretary of State for Scotland, will his first job be to scrap the Scottish Office. As the Liberal Democrat manifesto stated that they will "Abolish the UK Government office for the regions" (go to saving proposal No. 16 at bottom of pdf) saving the UK economy £90 million per annum.

In the name of transparency and political fairness the equally degrading 1999 secret order to make 6,000 square miles of Scotland's Sea English, that was put in place by the Scottish Liberal Democrats and their seedy relationship with Labour's Henry McLeish should also be scrapped.

As most Scots are outraged when they realise that;

When they play golf at St Andrew's and look 80 miles out to sea. There it is English Sea !

Since 1999 15% of Scotland's oil and gas revenues have been taken from the Scottish sector of the North Sea. In 2008 this removed £2.16 Billion out of the Scottish Economy.

This is more than the credit crunch cuts proposed for Scotland, which have been estimated by senior economist in the civil service as £35 Billion over the next 15 years.

Balance on budget - £ billions
The Times Report

Scotland's lost revenues -

Scotland's lost sea -

10 MAY 2010 Gordon Brown Resigns - but what about the Scottish people who voted labour?

As Gordon Brown steps down as Prime minster, if wanted to annoy the Conservatives and David Cameron and be a champion for the Scottish People who voted for Labour to stop Tory rule in Scotland he could announce;

That the pro Scottish parts of the Calman Commission are to be put into place immediately.

Reverse the secret order that Labour's Henry McLeish put through in 1999 that made 6,000 square miles of Scotland's Sea English. That took 15% of oil and gas revenues out of the Scottish sector of the North Sea. Thus taking £2.5 Billion per year out of the Scottish Economy which is more than the proposed credit crunch cuts proposed for Scotland.

Suggest that Trident is scrapped and force the MOD to be accountable to SEPA. To allow SEPA to regulate the nuclear submarines at Faslane that have leaked untreated nuclear radioactive coolant in the Loch more than 40 times.

Instead vote for a SNP Local Candidate to represent Scotland in Scotland. Then the Labour Party can stop the £35 Billion planned cuts the Conservatives will inflict upon Scotland.

After all it is our oil and gas revenues that are stopping the UK debt being junked.

The Scottish Labour Party have done nothing for Scotland and are quick to allow the Scottish people who voted for them suffer!

Gordon Brown you had the mandate to allow a well over due Scottish Referendum on Scotland's future.

Demand Political Reform NOW http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8670002.stm

2010 General Election Results in Scotland New Labour investigated over postal vote frauds (04May10)

Video removed from YouTube by the Labour Party (angry face)

9 MAY 2010 Scotland welcomes new SNP MP Dr Eilidh Whiteford

7 MAY 2010 Did Labour really 'win' in Scotland?

Well Labour we are told have just experienced triumph!!

Well not exactly; Labour in Scotland took precisely no seats from any other party – their regaining of by-election seats are a typical general election phenomena.  What we saw was the huge relief from a party who expected to lose a handful of seats but instead saw a fear of the Tories transformed into Labour holds.  Indeed the SNP also increased their share of the vote by 2.3% only .2% behind Labour’s 2.5% improvement.

We are though where we are and the Labour party finds itself the fortunate recipient of most of the Scottish seats.  As someone pointed out on ‘Brian's big Debate’ we saw a traumatised Scottish electorate prepared to overlook their transgressions and send them to Westminster to fight for Scotland.

The Scottish electorate are witness to an electoral ‘smash and grab’ as Labour make their getaway with 41 seats, 70% of the total on just 42% of the vote.  Contrast this with the SNP’s 6 seats, which is 10% of the total despite achieving 20% of the vote. 

They have to adopt a mature attitude that is in contrast to the very bitter and graceless attacks on the SNP carried out by the likes of Jim Murphy and Margaret Curran.

The voting system and a fear of the Tories has resulted in Labour being left with the lion’s share of Scotland’s political ammunition.  The electorate in Scotland will not be pleased if Scottish Labour continues to take aim at the SNP.

2010 General Election Results in Scotland7 MAY 2010 2010 General Election Results in Scotland

Labour 41
Liberal Democrats 11
Conservatives 1
Vote share
Labour 42.0%
Liberal Democrats 18.9%
SNP 19.9%
Conservatives 16.7%

Watch The Scottish Leaders Debate Election 2010 Video

27 APRIL 2010 Over and above Gordon Brown's blow to the Labour Party by unjustly calling a loyal concerned voter of his party a "Bigoted Woman". Former Scottish Labour MP Dennis Canavan declared his support for the SNP local candidate in Falkirk West John McNally.
Full story on Scottish Labour MP turning his back on the London Labour Party.

26APRIL 2010 Jim Murphy's aide has been traced to the high profile Royal security leak full story


The BBC by broadcasting unjust - misleading 2010 election broadcast's to Scottish homes have shown their true colours, they are in fact the English Broadcasting Corporation. Sky News not the BBC ran a Scottish Election Debate - but broadcast it at 10:30 am on a Sunday Morning.
SNP take legal action against the BBC support the SNP take this legal action

We urge the Scottish Public to defer payment of their TV licenses until the BBC apologies to the people of Scotland for their unfair and misleading political manipulation.

Why should a minority party in Scotland with only ONE MP, the Conservatives be allowed to represent themselves as one of the top three parties in Scotland, in a TV debate broadcast to Scotland. The SNP have 7 MP's in Westminster.

22 APRIL 2010
Scottish public services face £35 billion cut over next 15 years, as a non Independent Scotland will give London a minimum of £210 billion over the next 15 years.

PUBLIC services in Scotland face a spending squeeze of up to £35 billion over the next 15 years, a report by Scotland's most senior economist in the civil service has warned.

The report by Andrew Goudie, chief economic adviser to the Scottish Government, predicted five consecutive years of real-terms cuts and a further two years before growth returns as a result of UK finance plans. Full Story

12 APRIL 2010 The SNP launch their 2010 election manifesto.

The SNP cares about Scottish success. Here at home, and in the parliaments in London and Brussels, our focus is first and foremost on economic recovery and jobs for families and communities. We know Scotland’s got what it takes to weather the current economic storms and recover strongly – and we are working hard to make this happen.

Read more or download the SNP manifesto in PDF format

12 APRIL 2010 The SNP has urged Scots to vote for an "alternative vision of the future"
watch the video on this alternative vision

Alex Salmond talks about the decline of Westminster and the leaders of the Unionist parties in the video below.


The Labour party HQ unveil two manifestos. A 78 page manifesto for England that promises more for English voters than the second class 75 page manifesto for Scotland. Most of the issues in the Scottish version of this 2010 general election manifesto are not even within Webmasters' control ?

At Glenrothes, Labour shamefully campaigned on matters that devolved Scottish Government deal with. This manifesto proves they are going to campaign in Scotland with unjust, unfair, misleading policies that do not relate to a Westminster election.

Yet another injustice against residents of Scotland by a non transparent Westminster Government.

9 APRIL 2010 Labour's candidate Stuart MacLennan has been sacked for posting offensive twitter tweets.


6 APRIL 2010 The Labour Party announce yet another snap general election date for 6th May 2010.

26 MARCH 2010 Both Labour and Conservatives are proposing more cuts than Margaret Thatcher.

Former Labour economic advisor John McLaren confirms £3bn real term cut for Scotland. Institute of Fiscal Studies warn of 25% budget cuts from 2011.
Whether it is Labour or the Conservatives who get in at the next election, it makes little difference. The only way for Scotland to avoid these cuts is by v
oting SNP. As Scotland can win a better deal from London with local and national champions - with the SNP

03 MARCH 2010 Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland excluded from election debates - Opposition and BBC shortchange Scotland's voters.

Poll shows 59% believe excluding the SNP leader from election debates is unfair to Scottish voters http://bit.ly/9s5e3m

The BBC are going to broadcast a party political debate between the Labour, Conservative and Liberal parties only.

This is bad enough in England excluding the UK Independence Party.

But in Scotland this is absolutely NOT ON.

As the SNP are one of the biggest parties in Scotland and the voters will have political opinions thrust upon them from the Conservatives.

There is currently only one Conservative MP in Scotland. Another perfect example of another injustice inflicted on the Scottish People.

For the other injustices inflicted on Scotland visit http://www.oilofscotland.org/scottish_politics.html


Mr Murphy is well looked after at tax payers expense;

Clean up Glasgow City CouncilWhat is going on at Glasgow City Council ???

In March 2010 headlining stories have been generated regarding the mysterious resignation of its Leading councilor.

Here are links to some of those generated;

Labour rocked as police announce investigation

Steven Purcell faces police probe over £50k grant

Steven Purcell quits as leader of Glasgow city council

Former Glasgow council leader Steven Purcell leaves 'rehab

Council was set to reveal Steven Purcell drugs problem

Eighteen year old Labour activist dies after collapsing outside city chambers

Shock death of former Glasgow council chief Steven Purcell's pal Danus McKinlay

Glasgow City Council leader Steven Purcell resigns amid controversy

Steven Purcell resigns as councillor

Council closes ranks on Steven Purcell cocaine claims

Labour donor Willie Haughey linked to cocaine city councillor

Labour donor Willie Haughey in ‘cash for favours’ row

Scottish Labour in ‘cash for access’ row

PURCELL, Stefan King, James Mortimer, Brian Dempsey, Willie Haughey

What do you think is going on here?
Why did he resign?
What is going on with our money?

25 FEB 2010 Pauline MacNeil calls on Scottish Government to 'name day' for the referendum on constitutional future - back to Lab's 'bring it on' confusion?.

25 FEB 2010
The Scottish government has published the details of its proposed referendum on independence. More information on the referendum paper

Under the draft bill, voters would have the option of voting for either new powers for the Scottish Parliament or full independence from the UK. First Minister Alex Salmond described the Referendum Bill as an opportunity for Scots to have a say on their nation's future.

Opposition parties have said they will vote down the proposals.

The draft bill unveiled by Mr Salmond will now go out to consultation.

It proposes asking two questions on two separate ballot papers. Firstly, voters would be asked to vote 'yes' or 'no' on whether they support the Scottish Parliament being given new devolved powers.

The consultation paper offers two alternatives for this question, one based on the so-called "devolution max" option of giving Holyrood control of everything except defence, foreign affairs and financial regulation, and another based on the more limited powers put forward by the Calman Commission. They will then be asked whether: "The parliament's powers should also be extended to enable independence to be achieved."

Speaking at the launch of the bill at a press conference in Edinburgh, Mr Salmond said he would be campaigning for people to vote 'yes' to both questions. Will Scottish independence really happen? He added: "The Scottish government believes in the sovereignty of the people. And as set out in the manifesto on which we were elected, we are committed to giving people the opportunity to express their views in a referendum. More on this BBC report...


Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has pledged to put forward a referendum bill on Scottish independence. Read the White Paper on Scottish Independence


Council Tax frozen across Scotland for third year running http://bit.ly/9UiJw6
SNP Leader Alex Salmond launches campaign to release funding for Scotland's reneawable sector in Aberdeen http://bit.ly/cDTwnX
SNP call for winter payments to help farming communities recover from harsh winter weather http://bit.ly/daQOrA

London parties endanger Scotland's economic recovery by slashing investment http://bit.ly/cCd7hm

12 FEB 2010
"real change" = triple whammy of spending cuts planned by Tories

Warm words from Tory high command can't hide their intention to hit Scotland with triple whammy of cuts http://bit.ly/b3kJJp Tory MPs want to slash Scotland's budget http://bit.ly/aUSptk

In the light of stunning Labour hypocrisy as they back referendums on AV and powers for Welsh Assembly but still running scared of independence vote in Scotland.

3RD FEB 2010 LABOUR & TORIES PLAN BIG BUDGET CUTS THE £100bn TRIDENT BUDGET IS NOT ONE OF THEM Defence Green paper misses the point. How can we have a proper debate while £100bn Trident is not on chopping block? http://bit.ly/9TiUKg

31ST JAN 2010 THE BBC SHOULD DO A VIDEO ANAYLSIS OF IRAQ ENQUIRY TO FIND OUT WHO IS LYING 8 out of 10 people believe Tony Blair STILL lying over Iraq invasion http://bit.ly/cRLZAD

Pete Wishart asks why Scottish firms have been awarded just 2% of Olympics contracts http://bit.ly/o0NRT.

The Copenhagen summit has not delivered enough as the "Champions of Green Energy - Scotland" were NOT ALLOWED TO SEND ANY SCOTTISH POLITICIANS.

YES Scotland was not allowed to officially send any SCOTTISH MP's of the Scottish Devolved Government to this Summit on all our futures.

Which is pathetic considering Scotland (World leaders in wind energy) has the capacity of creating enough green energy to supply a quarter of Europe. Scotland also has the cash to continue this green revolution if it was in control of its North Sea oil and gas revenues. If Scotland was Independent the rest of the UK may seriously consider the sense of building 11 new nuclear power stations.
More information on Scotland's Green energy revolution.
Faslanes nuclear submarines that are leaking radioactive coolant into the Gareloch.

ST ANDREWS DAY - NOVEMBER 30 2009 - Plans announced for a vote on Scottish independence
The SNP present a white paper on an Independence Referendum which has four options for the Scots to vote on. One is the status quo. Another is full independence. A third is based on the report of the Calman commission. The fourth option called devo-max is based on the Edinburgh parliament and government taking control over everything except defence, foreign policy and macroeconomics. It would keep the pound, the British army and the Queen. Read the white paper

The Scottish Labour Party have done nothing in 30 years to curb Scotland's drinking problems, they used to agree with the principal of minimum pricing on alcohol, but never implemented any drink restriction laws whilst in power. The SNP government, who are addressing the issues of the people of Scotland, have proposed minimum pricing and restricted point of sale for alcohol, similar to the sale of tobacco in supermarkets (i.e. not at super market checkouts).

Since this proposal the Scottish Labour Party have opposed the proposals, whilst the Labour Party at Westminster are now strongly considering imposing the same minimum alcohol pricing laws nationwide.
Exposing the Scottish Labour Party for being out of touch with the Scots and the London Labour Party. More on the Labour Parties bad attitude towards SNP policies, that they eventually try an copy.

Iain Gray, Labour’s leader in the Scottish Parliament, was last night embroiled in a sleaze row after it emerged one of his campaign donors had improperly benefited from public funds.

East Lothian Council said it was investigating how about £6700 of public resources were directed to Prestonpans Labour Party to help it stage an annual fundraiser, despite council rules forbidding it.

The same Labour branch donated £800 to Mr Gray’s campaign to become the party’s Holyrood leader last year. more on the downfall on another leader of the Scottish Labour Party What the Times have to say on Greedy Iain Gray

NORWAY have now built up a £259 Billion sovereign wealth fund

When North Sea Oil was discovered in the waters of Scotland and Norway in the late 1960's. Norway a Independent Nation smaller than Scotland with worst maritime weather than Scotland reaped the benefit of being in sole control of their oil revenues. Read the full story on Norway's success story

Today 30 years after the oil started coming ashore Norway has created £259 Billion sovereign wealth fund. If Scotland had become Independent shortly after the rigged devolution referendum of 1979 Scotland would have accumulated a similiar fund that would have easily covered the UK's £175bn budget deficit.

Unfortunatley Whitehall, The London Labour Unionist Party and the Queen imposed a ruling that 40% of the electrorate must vote yes. This unheard of rule was both unjust and un heard of and has never been imposed before or since the 1979 Scottish devolution referendum. This ruling meant that more than a 80% turn out at the polls if the election was close which it was.

Maybe Norway will buy Scotland's share of Gordon Brown debt some of it sovereign wealth fund (which is more than 4 times our share of the Labour Parties debt) in exchange for an allegiance with Independent Scotland in supplying the Europe not only Oil and Gas but green energy from wave and wind power. In partnership with Norway Scotland could re build its heavy manufacturing base like the Norweigans.

The 2009 Glasgow North East by-election is due to take place on 12 November 2009.

19 FEB 2010 Labour warned by Electoral Commission over postal voting in Glasgow North East byelection. Read more on how Labour are A.T.I.T. again.

A spot check of 300 of those forms by the returning officer's staff found that in at least 100 cases these applications had been dated more than a week and in some cases over a month earlier.

Nearly half of the last-minute registrations came from Labour supporters, sparking allegations from the Scottish National party – first reported by The Guardian – that Labour had been deliberately hoarding postal votes to help its campaign.

2009 Glasgow North East by-election 2005
Party Candidate Votes % ±% results
BNP Charlie Baillie 1013 4.9 2 920
Labour William Bain 12231 59.4 6 15,153
Liberal Democrats Eileen Baxendale 474 2.3
Conservative Ruth Davidson 1075 5.2 5 1,266
Scottish Green David Doherty 332 1.6
Independent Mikey Hughes 54 0.3 * 622
SNP David Kerr 4120 20 2 5,019
Socialist Labour Louise McDaid 47 0.2 4,036
Scottish Socialist Kevin McVey 152 0.7 4,036
Solidarity Tommy Sheridan 794 3.8 1,402
Independent John Smeaton 258 1.3 *
Scottish Senior Citizens John Swinburne
Majority 8,111 10,134
33.02% Turnout 20,638 28,418

Did the SNP Throw The Glasgow North East By Election ? click for full blog

So now we’ve had two Scottish by-elections in twelve months with suspected electoral fraud. And, if true, both perpetrated by the same party running the government of the United Kingdom.

It appears that Glasgow’s Labour-controlled Council added nearly 2,500 new voters to the electoral role in October alone. In addition, over 6,000 applications for postal votes were received. Postal votes are one of the easiest ways to commit electoral fraud in Britain.

It gets worse. From The Scotsman:
It emerged last night that police were called to two polling stations, St Dennis's and Alexandra Parade, yesterday, after voters arriving to cast their ballot were told their names had already been crossed off. The ballot boxes were handed over to the police, but the disputed ballots were still counted last night. Officials at Glasgow City Council said only three ballot papers were involved.
If things are as bad as they seem, Glasgow NE may turn out to be another Glenrothes, surely the most single minded act of political will in history. In case you have forgotten: a year ago, and with no assistance from any political party activists whatsoever, the good people of Glenrothes painstakingly filled out nearly 6,000 postal voting forms in the privacy of their own homes before carefully mailing them at their nearest letter box personally. The post office then conscientiously delivered them by normal mail to be counted on election day in the counting room. And, rather than reflecting the same spread of votes for all the parties reflected at the polling stations, every single one of them was for Labour.

Humbled by the unanimity of the Glenrothes postal voters’ rejection, the SNP chose not to make a legal challenge at the time, thereby avoiding the accusation of sour grapes.

Or it may have been because the marked-up electoral register from the by-election went mysteriously ‘missing’ and, lacking a record of who had actually voted, it would have taken too long to prove what had happened and by which time nobody would have cared. Over a year since the by-election, it has still not been reconstructed.

The point is this: the SNP suspected Labour of massive electoral fraud at Glenrothes, but the hard evidence went missing.

Fast forward six months to May this year. The Commons Speaker Michael Martin resigns for expenses irregularities, and Glasgow is due another by-election. Having already proved that they could unseat Labour in Glasgow East in 2008, the SNP could afford to lose it. There was less to be gained from winning such a by-election at all costs, six months out from a UK general election in which Labour are facing annihilation. With Gordon Brown expected to hang on for as long as possible, an SNP victory would not have brought this day one second closer.

Think about it. In the coming UK election, the head of Scottish Labour – the present UK Government – will be removed from its shoulders regardless of how many seats the SNP wins at Westminster in May. After the election, UK Labour will be an irrelevance, regardless of how many seats it has on the opposition benches.

And regardless of whether London is ‘dancing to a Scottish jig’ or ‘hung by a Scottish rope’ after May 2010 – even if the SNP wins every single Scottish seat in Westminster – Scotland would still be no nearer getting its referendum over the line. In fact, if the SNP starts calling the shots in a hung Tory government, the present constitutional arrangement may well start to look remarkably beneficial for Scotland.

Which might make it preferable for many to independence.

So, what am I saying? That the SNP deliberately threw the Glasgow NE by-election?

No. But they did certainly did not throw everything at it.

Until independence, the SNP main game will be the referendum. It needs four things for it to succeed: a Holyrood budget to fund it, the parliament to allow it to happen, a cleaned-up electoral system for a fair run at it and, of course, the political will of the Scottish people to vote for it.

When the Glasgow NE By-election was called, SNP was faced with a dilemma: fight Labour tooth and nail for several grueling months for a by-election that changes nothing, or put up a high profile candidate with enough credibility to once more draw out Labour’s suspected electoral fraud machine, which would be mobilised to make damn sure Labour did not lose its second safest seat.

The SNP strategists knew Labour would fight dirty. A hard-won by-election would have sapped the SNP of funds with no return on investment other than being one voice louder on Westminster’s opposition benches for the next six months. In the event, Salmond chose to keep his powder dry for the referendum, running a by-the-numbers by-election and saving party funds for when it mattered. David Kerr was the bait and Labour took it.

Kerr should feel no sense of shame or failure for how he performed. He may even be aware of why he was running. He is certainly no fool.

In the event, Labour won by 8,111 votes over the SNP’s 4,120. The irony being that electoral fraud – if indeed it was committed – was unnecessary, and Labour might have still won had they chosen to campaign cleanly. Or, at least, by only telling outright lies and utter fabrications about the SNP record in Glasgow.

So what was the point of all this?

The Scottish Government desperately wants to clean up the Scottish electoral system before the referendum on independence. However long it takes. With the evidence now gathered from possibly the second fraudulent by-election in twelve months, steps can now be taken to neutralise Labour’s suspected electoral fraud machine in Scotland.

Unless another marked-up electoral register going missing.

2009 OCTOBER 15TH - 75th SNP CONFERENCE 2009 - Scotland has got what it takes

For full details of the 2009 SNP conference visit this link

The 2009 SNP Annual Conference will open with a call for other countries to follow Scotland’s lead and agree to ambitious plans to combat climate change at Copenhagen. visit this link and the Labours party attempts to silence Scotland's voice on this world saving contribution


The Sun Newspaper have dumped the Labour Party
Whether this is a publicity stunt to attempt to sell more newspapers or the Sun newspaper feels it needs to back political winners. The fact that the Scottish Sun have said they will not back the Conservatives, unlike the English edition, would suggest the winners in Scotland will be the SNP. Who knows maybe the Sun will once again back the SNP like they did in the 1980's.

The decision is a fitting reaction to the Labour Parties biggest liability, which is it's track record of spin, secrets, lies and deceit. Which is a culture born out of Unionist politics. read more

Even the Unions are sacking Labour

"Unison" threat to cut labour funds
The Labour Party's biggest financial backer trade union Unison has said it will no longer give financial support to MPs that do not support its values. read more

Labour was accused of "running scared" of voters for leaving Glasgow residents without an MP for at least another four months by refusing to trigger the Parliamentary mechanism needed for an election. Stewart Hosie, the party's chief whip, said: "Labour have had every single opportunity to call this by-election. They are running scared of the people of Glasgow North East." Read More

SNP to submit MPs' expense claims to external audit
More on Scottish MP Expense Claims - see who claimed what

THE Scottish National Party's seven MPs will submit their expense claims to independent audit and abide by the outcome, Scotland's First Minister said today.

Mr Salmond said the SNP MPs will also publish details on the party website – within three months – of additional-cost allowance claims for the last year.

Speaking at the launch of the SNP's European election campaign, Mr Salmond said any claims by SNP MPs deemed to be wrong will be "gladly returned".

"I am pretty confident we will find the SNP MPs emerge from this in a strong position," he said.

"But the best way to test that is to have that independent audit."

2009 JUNE 26 - SNP WIN ANGUS COUNCIL BY ELECTION Nationalist candidate Jean Lee won by massive majority. Labour did not stand in the poll after realising to late that their candidate was ineligible because he did not live in the county !!! The name of Scottish leader Iain Gray is also misspelled in the pamphlet

Another classic example of the fact that the Labour Party are not fit to be in power.

This SNP win was again oddly unreported by our "Scottish" National Press

So you will just have to read the BBC web site for details of another SNP victory in a council election jean lee angus snp councillor

2009 JUNE 18 - SNP WIN INVERCLYDE BY ELECTION Oddly unreported by our "Scottish" National Press", we wonder why? With a 13% swing from Labour to SNP !

Innes Nelson Innes Nelson, Scottish National Party, has been elected to serve as one of three members for Ward 6 – Inverclyde South West." PDF FILE

Click for full results of this victory for the SNP in once safe Labour territory.

2009 JUNE 18 - 2007 - 2008 GERS REPORT PUBLISHED - North Sea oil revenue would ‘see Scotland in the black’

The GERS 2007 - 2008 report pdf file demontrates Scotland is in fiscal surplus (again)

Read The Herald for the full story

These figures make a mockery of the story on a New government report that the Scotsman Newspaper recently ran. This exposes the Scottish Labour Party for what they really stand for. Please do not be fooled by the lies and deciept over Scotland's Oil

Thankfully the SNP are in control of Holyrood there is a limit to how much Westminster can manipulate these figures. The GERS 2006 - 2007 report pdf file

However on closer anaylsis of previous GERs report the figures have deliberately been suppressed by Unionist parties. These in-accuracies add up to quite a lot.

Difference between Actuals and 2004 / 2005 GERS £2,962 Million
Difference between Actuals and 2005 / 2006 GERS £114 Million

2009 JUNE 16 - Union "Unison" threat to cut labour funds
The Labour Party's biggest financial backer trade union Unison has said it will no longer give financial support to MPs that do not support its values. read more


the real face of Scottish Labour 2009 JUNE 16 Livingston Labour MP Jim Devine became the fifth MP to be "struck off" read full story

List of what MP's, claimed what!


As the number of tax payers has and is going to fall due to Labours disgraceful management of the Credit Crunch.

The Unionist's intend cutting £5 Billion from the Scottish Budget and expect the Scottish Government to make it up from Scottish tax payers who can manage to hold on to their jobs.

When Westminster impose the Billions to be cut from the Scottish Budget in the years to come, it will mean the loss of NHS and Government jobs. Making it even harder for the Scottish Government to make up the £5 Billion slashed from the Scottish budget.

This £5 Billion figure is based on the current working population, not the working population after the full effects of the credit crunch and government spending cuts announced on the 23rd of April 2009 by Jim Murphy come into place.

On the same day, Westminster announce credit crunch plans to increase Scotland's North Sea Oil production by 20% adding another £2.6 Billion onto revenues that London takes away from Scotland, which was £13 Billion in 2007.

Therefore the plundering of Scotland's VAST Oil and Gas Revenues will increase to over £15 Billion. Nearly 50% of Scotland Current Budget

The solution is simply vote for SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE and a budget of in excess of £45 Billion not the Unionist's slap in the face reduced £25 Billion budget.

Tell everyone you know about http://www.oilofscotland.org and stop Scotland being ripped off by the unionists.


SNP - 318,360 votes (29%)
Labour - 228,731 votes (20.8%)
Tory - 185,283 votes (16.9%)
Lib Dem 126,749 votes (11.5%)

Swing to SNP - 7.4%
Turnout - 28%

The UKIP are doing very well in this European Election with their simple message

"It costs the 60 million population of the UK £40 Million a Day to be in European Union".

If it was not for the controlled media in the UK the SNP could get a similar message out

"It costs the 5 million population of SCOTLAND £32 Million a Day to be in the UK Union"

It would cost an Independent Scotland £3.33 million a day to be in the European Union, based on population. This is less than a tenth of the money we generous Scot's give to London, lock stock and barrel. A sum of money which is in excess of £32 Million a day. It currently costs the entire United Kingdom £40 Million a day to be part of the European Union.

After Scotland became Independent there would be a Scottish General Election at this point there is high possiblity of Scot's also being asked if the want to remain in the European Union.


2009 JUNE 5 Gordon Brown billed taxpayer for two second homes read the telegraph

2009 JUNE 5 Monster Raving Loony Party Beat Labour in England read rest of story

2009 JUNE 5 - SNP make gains in Anniesland - Drumchapel / Coatbridge North - Glenboig Council By-Elections

Labour and the media are trying to spin the gaining of 2 SNP council by-election seats in labour heartlands as a victory.

The results tell a different story, especially considering that if these elections had been conducted under the original STV (Single Transferable Vote) system, the number of SNP councillors in these wards would have increased.

In 2007 by-election, there was a swing of about 8%-10% to the SNP, and this has just been followed by a further swing of around 8%.

The results of the Coatbridge North and Glenboig by-election were (with changes from 2007 in brackets):

SNP: 1254 35.25% (+5.85%)
Labour: 1529 42.98% (-4.84%)
Tory: 361 10.14% (-0.44%)
Independent: 557 15.65%
Green: 115 3.23% (+3.23%)
Independent: 217 6.1%
SSP: 81 2.27% (-0.98%)

This equals a 5.35% swing Labour to SNP

The final count was:

Labour: 1759
SNP: 1696

A majority of 63.

The result of the Anniesland/Drumchapel by-election (with changes from 2007 in brackets):

SNP: 1509 28.29% (+6.76%)
Labour: 2584 48.44% (-11.95%)
LibDem: 349 6.54% (+2.52%)
Tory: 316 5.92% (+1.17%)
Green: - 270 5.06% (+2.06)
BNP: 177 3.32% (+3.32%)
Ind: 129 2.42% (+2.42%)

A 9.35% swing from Labour to the SNP.

The combined result of both by-elections are:

SNP: 2763 29.24% (+4.27%)
Labour: 4113 43.53% (-11.36%)
Tory: 677 7.17% (-0.13%)
LibDem: 349 3.69% (1.43%)
Other: 1546 16.36% (5.79%)

A 7.82% swing from Labour to the SNP from the 2007 election.

2009 June 4th Labour Cabinet Ministers Resign

James Purnell’s and John Hutton Resignation? Read Labours Lying Script

2009 June 4th

European Parliament Elections

European Parliament Elections 2009 download PDF of this poster

Scottish Independence may not sit well with you? However Scottish representation in the Europe Parliament, should be undertaken by representatives of Scotland National Party opposed to Westminster, London, England, loyal politicians from the other big parties.

It would cost an Independent Scotland £3.33 million a day to be in the European Union, based on population. This is less than a tenth of the money we generous Scot's give to London, lock stock and barrel. A sum of money which is in excess of £32 Million a day. It currently costs the entire United Kingdom £40 Million a day to be part of the European Union.

According to YouGov Poll and the Times Newpaper , the Scottish Labour Party are lying about 11th on the euro election ballot.

Polls suggest that the latest Westminster voting intentions in Scotland are as follows

SNP - 43% LAB - 27% LD - 11% CON - 11%
which equates to
Con 0 Lab 7 Lib 5 SNP 47 - A massive Scottish majority, enough for independence!

Labour Scottish National Party Conservative Liberal Democrat
Labour logo SNP logo Con logo Lib logo

Scottish European Parliament Constituency - 7 MEPs

  1. David Martin (Labour)
  2. Ian Hudghton (Scottish National Party)
  3. Struan Stevenson (Conservative & Unionist)
  4. Catherine Stihler (née Taylor) (Labour)
  5. Elspeth Attwooll (Liberal Democrat)
  6. Alyn Smith (Scottish National Party)
  7. John Purvis (Conservative & Unionist)

    A speech made from the European Parliament directed at Gordon Brown.

    In an Independent Scotland, Scots could be free of this debt in less than 5 years

2009 JUNE 2 - MPs to debate immediate election

MPs will next week get a chance to debate whether there should be an immediate general election.

The SNP and Plaid Cymru are tabling a motion calling for the dissolution of Parliament.

The two parties say MPs have lost their authority after the expenses crisis and there should now be a general election. read the rest of the story

2009 JUNE 2 - Trident poisons Scotland - The Nuclear leaks at Faslane

You cannot watch this video as Channel 4 pulled the documentary. (angry face)

2009 JUNE 2 - Alistair Darling is left to dangle after fumbling his own expenses

Three times Gordon Brown was given the chance yesterday to assure Alistair Darling of his future as Chancellor. Three times he declined. read rest of the story

Like the nobles of Ancient Scotland who were given riches, titles and land in England to keep them from uprising against the genocide the English were inflicting upon the Scottish People; many Scottish MP's from the Labour, Liberal and Conserative Parties are rich in salary and expenses that have been unjustly and in some case fraudlant claimed using a system set up by Westminster to allow greedy MP's claim expenses from the tax payer, without the tax payer knowing how much they were actually getting paid. Congratulation to the Telegraph Newspaper !

Is this a fair wage for supressing the Scottish People and the Nationalists, just incase the people of Scotland should see the light of Independence and claim the fortune that passes Scotland and its people by every day.

Scottish North Sea Oil and Gas Revenues are in excess of £32 Million a day just about the same as it costs (£40 million a day) the entire United Kingdom to be in European Union.

2009 04 23 - Scottish Budget Cuts

Scottish Budget 2009

Scottish Budget Cuts 2009 Considering Mr Murphy's view that the Scottish Government should behave like a Scottish family and tighten its belts etc, we think that it should be said that;
No sane sensible Scottish family could substantiate giving all of their salary to their neighbour only to beg for the scraps from their table for sustenance!!!

Scottish budget to be cut by £0.5 Billion. While Scotland's North Sea Oil production is to be increased by 20% adding another £2.6 Billion onto revenues that London TAKE AWAY from Scotland, which was £13 Billion in 2007. This year the Scottish Budget of £33.3 Billion is calculated using the Barnet Formula which gives, back a proportion of "non oil & gas taxes" raised in Scotland. In a Independent Scotland the available money for a budget would be a minimum of £49.5 Billion, when Scottish Oil and Gas revenues are added. This figure is not including the massive revenues from Scottish renewable energy and the industries renewable energy will attract to Scotland, the billions saved from ditching Trident and all the taxes raised in Scotland not just some of them. Scottish Labour Party S...p, should distance themselves from their London Labour Party Shepherds, before the Conservatives get in.

2009 30 08

A Bannockburn by-election to replace disqualified Stirling councillor Gerard O'Brien on the 30th of April.

The Labour politician was banned from office for 18 months by the Standards Commission on 5 March for breaching the Councillors Code of Conduct.

Voters in the Bannockburn ward will be invited to choose his replacement on 30 April. more info On the 23rd of April 2009 there will be by elections in Inverness West and Aboyne, Upper Deeside & Donside The last by-election was in Maryfield (Dundee City) on the 12 th March 2009 this was won by the SNP.

2009 30 08 Bannockburn By Election 3rd May 2009
The bannockburn by-election was won by Violet Weir Labour by a small margin of 2%

Bannockburn, 30 th April 2009 Results

Seats Candidates Counts Electorate Quota Rejected votes
35% Turnout

First Preference Votes

Candidate Logo Party 1 st Pref Share Quota Count Status Seat
Catherine Berrill Tory logo Conservative & Unionist 173

Tommy Brookes Ind Independent 232

Ethne Brown Lib Liberal Democrat 82

Paul Cameron Ind Independent 28

Duncan Illingsworth Green Green 36

Bill McDonald SNP logo Scottish National Party 1072

Not Excluded

Breda O'Brien Ind Independent 89

Violet Weir Labour logo Labour 1134


2009 23 09 - Inverness West By Election Results, 3rd May 2007
Seats Candidates Counts Electorate Valid votes Quota Rejected votes
3 5 4 3,349 838 56

First Preference Votes

Candidate Logo Party 1 st Pref Share Quota Count Status Seat
Pauline Munro SNP logo Scottish National Party 965 28.81 % 1.15 1 Made Quota 1
Alex Graham Lib Liberal Democrat 840 25.08 % 1.00 2 Made Quota 2
Jimmy MacDonald Independent Independent 778 23.23 % 0.93 4 Made Quota 3
Caroline Parr Labour logo Labour 536 16.00 % 0.64 4 Not elected  
Mary Fraser Tory logo Conservative & Unionist 230 6.87 % 0.27 4 Eliminated  

2009 04 23 Aboyne, Upper Deeside & Donside, 23 rd April 2009

Seats Candidates Counts Electorate Valid Votes Quota Rejected votes
1 6 5 % Turnout 3,635 1,819 20

First Preference Votes

Candidate Logo Party 1 st Pref Share Quota Count Status Seat
Jo Pick Tory logo Conservative & Unionist 1,144 31.47 % 0.62 5 Not elected  
Rosemary Elizabeth Bruce Lib Liberal Democrat 969 26.66 % 0.53 5 Made Quota 1
Wilson Morgan Forbes Ind Independent 842 23.16 % 0.46 5 Eliminated
George David Parkinson SNP logo Scottish National Party 617 16.97 % 0.34 4 Eliminated
Roy David Jones BNP British National Party 44 1.21 % 0.02 3 Eliminated
David Hutchison Ind Independent 19 0.52 % 0.01 2 Eliminated

2009 04 19

Aliaster Darling plans incentives for North Sea Oil exploration so the UK Treasury can make another £2.6 Billion out of Scotland - whilst also planning to cut Scotland's Budget by £1 Billion.

The UK Government is so far in debt. Alistair Darling plans incentives to aid North Sea oil production. The SNP have been asking for this modest investment since 2004. To increase Scotland's North Sea Oil production by 20%. Which is an additional £2.6 Billion of Scotland's money. As current oil revenues are about £13 Billion this would increase to £15.6 Billion per annumn. As reported on the first page of the Scotland on Sunday 19 04 2009

However in the virtually the same breath Alistair Darling will cut Scotland's budget by £1 Billion. "What a cheeky monkey Mr Darling is" This is proof that the UK Treasury is so dependent on Scotland's Oil Revenue. For more Secrets Lies and Plots to rip off Scotland visit www.Scottish-Labour-Party.co.uk

2009 04 18

SNP Conference 2009 - We've Got What it Takes

Alex Salmond pointed out that America had the right idea of devoting billions to every American State to create and protect jobs to enable them to counter the Credit Crunch. However the Labour Party wants to help Scotland by cutting one Billion from the Scottish Budget! Even with the limited budget Westminster allows Scotland Alex Salmond pledges £95m for economic recovery in Scotland. The SNP also outlined plans for building a green energy future for Scotland. Alex Salmond is to announce the creation of tens of thousands of new training places to help Scotland out of recession. The SNP also announced 600 new cleaning jobs in Scotland Hospitals to combat patients picking up infections whilst in hospital. Watch You Tube footage of the conference. For more details of SNP policies visit www.snp.org or listen to Alex Salmond chat to Brian Taylor

2009 04 10

Gordon Brown leader of the Labour Party and his main advisor get caught planning a smear campaign of opposition politicians.
Think that is bad, listen to this avi file of the secret meeting with Gordon Brown and the leader of the Liberals Democrats planning a plot against the SNP Government

2009 03 31

Westminsters strips Scotland of it financial asset- as proven by Dunfermline Building Society.
It is blatantly obvious that Gordon Brown, the London Westminster based Labour party are striping Scotland of its Financial Assets as proven by ignoring the more info Lets have an inquest If Scotland had been a Independent Nation, it would have been highly likely that the Scottish Govenment would have questioned banking policies, as banking is one of Scotland's largest industries. They would have probably have asked the banks to protect themselves and their customers by seperating investment banking from retail banking. It would also probably have asked Scotland's big bank's to review their easy lending policies as much of its lending would still have been done South of the border.

2009 03 22

Reports that the Calman Commission is looking to possibly reverse powers over energy consenting so that either the current Labour or a future Conservative UK Government can build nuclear power stations in Scotland against a Scottish Parliamentary majority is definitely irking many this morning, not least of which the First Minister. Only the Tories and Labour support nuclear power in Scotland. Every other party in the Scottish Parliament is against the expansion of civil nuclear power. So will the Lib Dems sign up to this? Just last week SoS trumpeted that Scots would rather have nuclear power than pay more through their bills for renewables (which they are currently doing with no complaint). The SoS said:

2009 03 13

Dundee is poised to become the first SNP-led City administration

Following a dramatic Council by-election win in the Maryfield Ward on the 13th of March 2009, the City of Dundee is poised to become the first SNP-led City administration. Craig Melville trumped the Labour candidate by over 500 first preference votes to take the place of ex-Labour Councillor Joe Morrow (who wasnae in when I canvassed his address!). The balance of power would appear to be in the hands of Independent Ian Borthwick. What way will this man swing? Or will one of the other minor parties vote to keep their jobs.

2009 01 29

The SNP Government's budget will add £1.8 billion  to spending in Scotland next year if it wins Parliament's approval this week.

Ahead of the budget vote on Wednesday the SNP has warned parties that if the budget does not pass nearly £2 billion of increased investment will be lost. read more

2009 01 28

SNP fail to get Budget approved - due to Greens not hearing the SNP's revised offer of £33 Million for Home Insulation.

Scotland could give the Greens 33 million with just one day's oil and gas revenue if Scotland did not give it lock stock and barrell to London.

2008 11 20

Scottish Labour allow Scotland's Largest constituency to be run from London

LABOUR has suspended constituency business in East Lothian because of a row surrounding attempts to deselect the MP Anne Moffat.
The development could potentially be an embarrassment for Labour's newly elected Scottish leader, Iain Gray, who is the MSP for East Lothian.

Members of Labour's National Executive Committee (NEC) are due to visit the constituency next week in a bid to resolve the dispute over Ms Moffat. Until further notice, Scotland's largest constituency party will be run from London. This shows that there is no such thing as the Scottish Labour Party and it has never existed. full story

2008 11 06 In one of Scotland's safest Labour seats, the SNP have gained 4478
supporters since 2005 in this area.
13% up - an overall 8.16% swing to the SNP or a 4.96% swing to the SNP from Labour.

Labour have managed to hold onto the Bannockburn by election (a safe Labour seat with a 10k majority in 2005) by 551 more votes than they had in 2005.

This victory can be put down to the fact that, Gordon Brown and his Brown Bounce has been hailed "for the moment" as the leading figure in World Wide credit crunch politics, a credit crunch caused by the banking industry that, Gordon Brown de-regulated. However the coming recession in the Britain is being forecast as the worst amongst in the developed world.

This victory could also be put down to the global credit crunch and the failure of Icelandic banks and HBOS and RBS. The unfair spin that Labour has made over comments made by Alex Salmond's in 2005 on the arc of prosperity
in Independent Countries like Norway, Ireland and Iceland. An arc of prosperity that did exist until the global banking crisis, when the non oil producing Iceland and Ireland did suffer in the crisis. Unlike Norway.

Other aspects that contributed to this result is the timing of the election, leaving the votes only 42 days to register to vote. The fact that Prime Minister Gordon Brown broke political convention by campaigning in this a local by election and also sent his wife Sarah Brown to do the same every day?

The main reason behind this victory can be put down to the fact that the Labour candidate and the entire Labour party have been miss leading, "scaremongering" campaigning on local issues (non Westminster based), like home care, (that only affects around 200 people in the area). This is bordering on dishonesty.

2008 11 03 We like wish the Scottish Government and the SNP all the best in the coming by election at Bannockburn http://www.Bannockburnbyelection.co.uk

If another MP with Scotland's interest's at heart is elected into Westminster, this MP and the other 58 Scottish MP's could still be beaten 11 - 1 on anti Scottish policies brought before Westminster with its 529 English MP's.

However one more Scottish voice would be best for Scotland's interests rather than a English Labour Party controlled puppet. (who is campaigning on issues out with his remit as an Westminster MP as disclosed by Newsnight Scotland)

250,000 tonnes of radio active waste from London's 2012 Olympic site to be dumped in Falkirk, Scotland.

Maybe this SNP voice could condemn the "Secret decision to dump 250,000 tonnes of RADIO ACTIVE waste from the London 2012 Olympic Site in Landfill in Falkirk".

Green Party MSP Robin Harper said "Should Scotland's legacy from the Olympic Games really be hundreds of tons of polluted soil?" As reported on the front page of the Daily Mail Sunday the 2nd of November 2008. The original story about the radioactive waste

2009 09 28
£20 million pounds has been diverted from Glasgow to fund London's Olympics could be better spent on Glasgow's Commonwealth games.
More info

2008 10 23 Out-of-control Labour thugs were filmed threatening journalists with violence at Bannockburn: read more

2008 09 25 - The date of the Bannockburn by election has finally been announced for the 6 November 2008, 23 days after all the candidates have been selected. This announcement only gives the electorate in Bannockburn only 42 days before election day. The Electoral Commission said that Labour's recent Snap elections should be banned to give the public enough time before polling day to register to vote.

2008 09 02 - All the Candidates are ready just waiting on Labour to announce an election date.

The candidates for the Bannockburn by election are Scottish National Party Peter Grant : Scottish Socialist Morag Balfour : Conservative Maurice Golden : Labour Lindsay Roy : UK Independence Kris Seunarine : Liberal Democrats Harry Wills.

Click for more information

2008 09 03 - SNP announce plans to abolish Council Tax and change licensing laws

The SNP announced a fair 3p in the pound local income tax to replace the unfair council tax. This would help 85,000 Scot's get out of poverty by saving the average Scottish family between £350 and £535 a year. The 3% tax would only be £30 for every £1000 you earn. However ministers in Westminster London vowed to axe the £400m in council tax benefits currently paid to Scottish taxpayers if the changes go ahead. (yet another Westminster injustice against the Scottish People) Read the full story.

Will the local income tax cost you more money than the unfair council tax. Remember this fair local income tax will take 85,000 Scot's out of poverty. This tax also means the abolishment of business rates in Scotland.

Family Salary = £10,000 = £300
Family Salary = £15,000 = £450
Family Salary = £20,000 = £600
Family Salary = £30,000 = £900
Family Salary = £40,000 = £1200
Family Salary = £50,000 = £1500
Family Salary = £60,000 = £1800
Family Salary = £70,000 = £2100
Family Salary = £80,000 = £2400
Family Salary = £90,000 = £2700
Family Salary = £100,000 = £3000
Family Salary = £150,000 = £4500

The SNP announced their licensing plans / debate to stop under 21's buy alcohol from high street off licenses to stop youths on the street buying drink. They also suggested that supermarkets sell drink from a separate checkout "just like the cigarette counter" to stop impulse buying. Full list of the sensible SNP Bills

2008 08 22 - SNP Select Bannockburn By Election Candidate

The SNP has tonight selected its candidate for the Bannockburn by election. He is Peter Grant, the leader of Fife Council.

Labour is having difficulty finding a candidate to fight this by-election. So far, three leading candidates have said thanks, but no thanks.

* Henry McLeish (ex-MP and MSP in Fife and First Minister).
* Christine May (ex-MSP for the area, lost her seat in 2007).
* Alex Rowley (Labour leader on Fife Council, ex-Secretary of the Labour Party in Scotland, and a Brown protege - think Douglas Alexander and add an extra "Fife" dimension).

It shows just how desperate things have become when Labour can't find a candidate for a seat with a five figure majority. Full Story by Iain Dale

2008 08 13 ;THE Labour Party is facing another by-election, this time in the Prime Minister's backyard following the death of Bannockburn MP, John MacDougall.

The news will increase pressure on Gordon Brown just three weeks after the Glasgow East by-election saw the SNP snatch victory in the safe Labour seat.

Adding to the Mr Brown's worries, a survey today showed that his right-hand man, Chancellor Alistair Darling, could lose his parliamentary seat in Edinburgh South West at the next election.

The YouGov poll of voters' intentions suggests that Scotland could see a massive swing towards the SNP at the next Westminster elections, with Edinburgh East MP Gavin Strang and Nigel Griffiths in Edinburgh South also in danger of losing their seats. for full details follow this link

2008 07 24; “The by-election in the East End of Glasgow that was a two horse race between the Westminster Controlled Labour Party and the Scottish Government's the SNP was won by the SNP. This was a victory with a swing from this Labour safe seat towards the SNP of 22.54%. Starting the political earthquake that the SNP had promised at the very start of this the shortest election in recent history "only 3 weeks" read more about the campaigning below

Chris Crieghton 67 Frances Curran 555 Margaret Curran 10,912 41.7% Eileen Duke 232 Hamish Howitt 65 Tricia Mc Leish 512 John Mason 11,277 43.1% Davena Rankin 1,639 Ian Robertson 915 rejected papers 45 total votes 26,219 turnout 42.25% Majority 365

365 majority on 24 7 VICTORY

click for more information

2008 07 24; “Re count ordered by Labour Candidate Margaret Curran"

2008 07 24; “A last minute  attack of nerves hit Labour today as the crucial Glasgow East by-election came to a nail-biting finish" For full details follow this link

2008 07 24 "Labours Scotsmen Prime Minister Gordon Brown MP or Westminster's Chancellor Alistair Darling MP have both failed to come to Glasgow East Scotland, to lend there support to Labour's Campaigners and the fellow Labour MP's and SMP's that have been drafted in from around the United Kingdom more"

2008 07 22; “David Cameron Westminster's Conservative Leader comes to Glasgow East."

2008 07 21 ; “Alex Salmond is hailed as the "saint of renewable energy" as he announced the green light on Europe's largest wind farm, producing enough green energy to power 300,000 Scottish Homes. For full details follow this link

2008 07 21 ; “Labour announce plans to scrap current benefit system including invalidly allowances". In attempt to make claimants undertake "community service" in exchange for their benefit. "Community Service" is currently the punishment handed out by judges to criminals who have committed crimes that do not justify a custodial sentence. For full details follow this link

2008 07 13; “Labour MP's told to invade Scotland ahead of Glasgow East by-election” They are complaining already because they don’t want to go to Scotland and the minimum fare is £100. If they do this and are still beaten it could be curtains for Brown. For full details follow this link

2008 07 11 ; "WENDY ALEXANDER'S leadership campaign team were accused of a Wendy Alexandercover-up yesterday after it emerged they gave false details to watchdogs. New evidence showed they told the Electoral Commission that donations for her Labour leadership battle were received weeks later than they really were." For full details follow this link

Wendy Alexander is banned from the Scottish Parliament for a day for receiving illegal donations then she resigns.

The Leader of the Scottish Liberals Nicol Stephens resigns within a week of the Scottish Labour's Leaders resignation?

2008 07 10; SNP overtake Labour for the first time ever, in a Yougov Poll for Scottish Westminster voting intention;
SNP 33%
Labour 29%
Conservative 20%
Lib Dem 14%
Other 5%

Also in the same Poll, 49% of all Scots would prefer to see SNP win the Glasgow east by-election! For full details follow this link

David Marshall MP2008 07 05; Labour MP, David Marshall MP of Glasgow East "one of the most deprived areas in the UK" resigns amid rumours that he spent over £500,000 of tax payers money running office from home staffed by wife; For full details follow this link

Could this be why Labour are rushing this local election through in three weeks (the fastest known By-Election) and have it in the middle of the Glasgow Fair holiday so that turnouts are low. Leaving the people of the East End of Glasgow less than a week to register for a postal VOTE.

2008 07 05 ; Labour's nominated Candidate for Glasgow East George Ryan fails to turn up and Labour start the fight for the "so called safe Labour seat" without a candidate. Read more on the reason behind this stand down or read on...

Rumours also are afoot that following a complaint from a representative of Paddy's Market traders to the Standards Commission of Scotland that 11 Labour councillors including George Ryan and Steven Purcell who both turned down chances to represent Labour in the Glasgow East By-election, are under investigation. "The complaint surrounded their conduct in relation to the controversial attempt to close down the 150 year old Paddy’s Market in the city and obtain land on which the market is currently located." For full details follow this link George Ryan and Steven Purcell

HolyroodMAY 2007 The SNP become the devolved Government of Scotland!

Wendy Alexander the Scottish Labour Leader challenges the SNP to have Scottish Independence Referendum with her statement "bring it on"

Gordon Brown the British Labour Leader denounces her comments and the implications that he not agreed with what she had said.
For more information on Scottish Politics visit

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