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Secrets that have been kept for the Scottish People

Secrets that have been kept from the scottish people

Professor Gavin Mc Crone - An enemy of ScotlandDiscovery of the Mc Crones Report into the Scottish Economy and the implication of the discovery of North Sea oil and Gas. This report which was written in 1974 and made Top Secret. Download the classified version or read about someone who may have discovered this secret report. This report was made available to all top level politicians who wanted to preserve the Union. Scottish Oil - Refined in England ??? Consequently we have suffered a 30 year long campaign of incorrect information about the oil running out etc to make us doubt the strength of our economy. To make us question the ability of our commerce Scottish owned business has been eroded to a record low (less than 10% of Businesses in Scotland are Scottish owned). We have had our coal and steel industry removed. Out of the 12 oil refineries in the UK only 2 oil refineries are located in Scotland. Our dreadful housing, unemployment, drugs, drink and health problems have deliberately never been addressed by the Westminster in an attempt to keep our population drugged, drunk, unhealthy and poor. Which has been achieved with 30% of them living under the poverty line. Not to mention the Scottish people having the worst health in Europe.

Why? so the chances of us voting for independence is unlikely as most of us have more to worry about than politics. This is why as a nation we need to present the truth about Scottish politics to the population of Scotland and make them realise if they do not demand and vote for Independence, they and every one that lives in Scotland will each lose a whopping £200,000 before the oil is all gone.

Independent ScotlandAre you prepared to lose £200,000 in the next 30 years yes at the lowest oil price per barrel would mean the 43 million barrels of oil still to come out the North Sea will generate a minimum of a trillion pounds, if so every man woman and child in Scotland will forfeit £200,000 in 30 years which is £6666 a year. Calculation £1000,000,000,000,000 divided by Scotland's current population of 5,117,000 = £200,000 per each or average annual loss over 30 years = £6666 each.

The purpose of this web site is not political it purpose is truth. Should the people of Scotland realise the true potential of our wealthy nation and we became in dependant we could do so under Labour, Liberal, Conservative, Green or National leadership.

Please help get the truth of Scotland's rich economy that is in surplus, opposed to the UK economy which is in deficit, out to those who are fooled by the barrage of lies from the London parties - click here

1979 Referendum - 52% = NO WAY1979 Devolution Referendum - 52% said YES Westminster said NO on 1 March 1979 the People were asked this question? 'Do you want the provisions of the Scotland Act 1978 to be put into effect ? '

Scotland voted in favor of devolution by 52% to 48% - but only 32.9% of the electorate had joined the majority. The Act was repealed the following month.

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After they take all our oil - will we be kicked out the Union ?